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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The State of Vape

The State of Vape

What is vaping to you? customers generally view vaping as a positive experience. The team seeks to deliver quality customer experiences by facilitating a positive relationship between customers and their favorite brands and flavor profiles. We have noticed that the media has placed vaping under a microscope recently. We have covered in our #No2Minors blog post about keeping vape products away from minors. The team strongly discourages underage vaping. We perform age verification checks every time there is a visitor to our website.

The team takes due diligence in vetting the products we offer in compliance with applicable regulations set forth by the FDA. There have been recent bans of sales of vape products in states such as Michigan and New York. There have been local bans as well in the cities of San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado. In addition, many states have applied taxes on vaping products. The Trump administration has sought out a total ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

Aside from finding you the best deals on eJuices and hardware, many of us here at the offices are vapers just like our customers. Therefore, as vapers ourselves, the team would like to impart some advice to our customers in getting involved to advocate for our industry.

Do the research. Studies may vary in their scope and results, but in the end, you will have more information and knowledge to make informed decisions. Look at some local and state laws that may apply to vape products. You can also discuss with your family and friends about the vaping experience. You can recommend properly vetted vape products and hardware to them and answer their questions and concerns about vaping.

Do not use homemade or black market vape products. Retailers such as are great places to buy legitimate vape products. Homemade or black market vape products do not undergo proper testing or reviews and often utilize THC oil or other ingredients which are not meant to be vaped. THC products are NOT sold on

Use your voice. Let your elected officials know you are against the proposed and current bans! You can write letters, attend town hall meetings, call your representatives—any sort of involvement helps! The vaping demographic is often seen as not being politically active. Let them know that you want meaningful change!

Take Action: Stop the flavor ban!

What are you doing to stand in solidarity with the vaping industry, and ultimately, the vaping community? Share your experiences with us!

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