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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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#No2Minors Encourages Responsible Vaping

There has been a rise in negative news regarding the vaping industry in recent months and in 2019 in general. Many states and jurisdictions have passed laws increasing taxes on vape products. In addition, many states (and the federal government) seek to raise the minimum vaping age from 18 to 21 and enact additional restrictions on vape products.

However, the vaping industry is seeking to make a compromise with local, state, and federal authorities in the form of self-regulation. The city of San Francisco has passed some of the toughest anti-vaping legislation in the country. The Board of Supervisors recently voted to ban the sale of vape products within city limits. There is an effort to overturn the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ decision this November. Michigan has taken it a step further and banned all sales of flavored e-cigarettes.


Self-regulation is nothing new to most industries—the video game and music industries self-regulated two decades ago to avoid further government intervention in their industries. One of the most visible campaigns is USA Vape Lab/Naked100’s #No2Minors campaign, which seeks to bar minors from accessing vape products. “It’s up to us to ensure the longevity of our industry,” USA Vape Lab says. “A big concern of the FDA is underage vaping. A concern we and everyone in the vape industry also share.”


By saying #No2Minors, we are self-regulating by keeping vape products away from those who are not yet of legal age from buying vape products such as eJuices and hardware. The team conducts age verification checks to make sure minors are not buying our products. This is to safeguard against the further threats of ill-advised government regulation as well as concerns from the public. By reducing the risk of underage vaping through age verification checks, the team stands in solidarity with others in the vaping industry against underage vaping. You can also buy the entire Naked100 collection here at

Have you heard of the #No2Minors campaign? If not, what will you do to spread awareness? Let us know!

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