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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Geek Bar Skyview or the PULSE X

Geek Bar Skyview or the PULSE X

Geek Bar has unveiled two new devices. One is the upgraded Geek Bar pulse, and the other is the new Skyview line. Embracing a space futuristic theme, Geek Bar aims for an out-of-this-world design and performance. Geek bar shows differences in their vapes like Skyview and Pulse X, despite being the same producer.


The Skyview and Pulse X exhibit various distinctions and a few resemblances. In terms of similarities, both share a rounded rectangular structure with an acrylic drip. Additionally, they feature a smart screen displaying the mode, battery level, and juice gauge.The devices feature a USB-C charging port and provide 25k puffs each. The Pulse X distinguishes itself with a new 3D curved screen that occupies over half of the device, offering a sleek and futuristic appearance. The screen on Skyview is 1.8 inches and located only on the front of the device, with 5 different user interface screens. Skyview offers 3 modes: soft, normal, and boost. Unlike the Pulse X, the Skyview features a designated button for changing modes while maintaining the same shape. The unique trim and screen placement give these devices an individual appearance.

Final thoughts:

Overall both devices will work well; it's about what the consumer wants. Skyview provides customization with 3 modes. In terms of aesthetics and performance, Pulse X is the optimal choice. The familiarity in feel and design from the previous pulse version makes Pulse X a practical option. Opting for the Skyview model offers a similar yet refreshing feel. Both devices will meet user expectations without disappointment. Let's monitor Geek Bar's ability to match supply with demand, which was an issue before. Consistent availability is crucial for a desirable vape experience.


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