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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Geek Bar Skyview

Geek Bar Skyview

Geek Bar has released another new disposable called the Skyview. The Skyview is a great looking addition to the Geek Bar family. Although there are many devices on the market currently Geek Bar found a way to stay relevant with their new releases. Today we will be taking a look at the Skyview and breaking it down.


The newly released Skyview, although using a similar mold it will still stand out as its own device. There is a smartscreen that will have 5 different user interfaces. The Skyview still offers 25k puffs and a USB-C charging port. This device will also include the dual mesh coil providing some of the best flavor and the best vapor production. The screen will show the setting the device is currently on along with the battery and juice gauge. It will now also allow the user to be able to adjust 3 different ways on how the device hits. The three settings will be soft, standard and boost. There are currently 15 flavors for the device and will likely be more in the future. Although they are different flavors they still have around the same flavor profiles. Nevertheless from the pulse line to this line the flavors that Geek Bar has offered although similar are extraordinary exceptional to a consumers pallet.


The Skyview is a promising device that will meet the expectations of any consumer. It will have a nice clean futuristic look with a couple of handy add ons. The firing modes will definitely be a fan favorite and open the door for everyone's preferred vaping experience. Tailoring the vaping experience is hard when it comes to disposables due to disposables being an open and ready to hit device. The Skyview will help the customers vape to their preference and also set the bar for what disposables should be doing in the future. Geek bar has yet to disappoint from their rise to popularity although one of the only flaws that we can see happening is the supply and demand for these devices. Since the Geek bar pulse released it was high in demand but hard for stores to keep up with the demand mostly because a lot of places could not even get the stock they needed to help keep it going with the consumer.

To try out the Skyview please see the link below:


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