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One of the most storied brands in vaping, Suorin Vape Accessories and E-Cigs is an innovative manufacturer which has created some of the best vape pod devices on the market today.

With the emphasis on user friendly performance and discrete mouth-to-lung vaping, their initial offerings focused like a laser on nic salts juice. They have responded to the vape pod arms race with more powerful models as well, which are quite capable of handling high-VG vape juices. With sub-ohm coils, even early models like the Suorin Air are quite flexible. 

Suorin has since expanded their lineup to include mid-range power vapes which excel with both high-VG juices and nic salts, depending on which fantastic cartridge pod is installed. From the earliest Suorin Drop to their current lineup, adult vapers choose Suorin because of the substance behind their great style.

If you are looking for an alternative to a disposable vape, you can do much worse than filling up a Suorin vape pod kit with nic salts and puffing away. 

Suorin Vapes

Any veteran vaper has in all likelihood seen and probably owned a Suorin. Their widespread popularity is well-deserved and their innovative designs showcase cutting edge technology. It is hard to believe that in just a few years vaping moved from e-cigs, to mods to vape pods not much larger than a credit card. Suorin was a major catalyst behind this change. 

The unconventional designs of Suorin are not for show and vapers appreciate the reliability and long lasting pod designs of Suorin.

Suorin products to serve not only as great alternative to expensive convenience store prefilled pod systems but also allows Suorin products to use high-VG vape juices like a full-sized mod. A Suorin Pod loaded with nic salts is an ideal option for adults who currently use disposable vapes. 

While the smaller Suorin Pods can handle thicker high-VG vape juices but the 40 watt Suorin Air Mod, with its 1500mAh lithium ion battery is the better fit. Whatever style of vaping you prefer, Suorin has a perfect product. They don't just make tiny draw activated nic salt devices anymore. 


Suorin Replacement Pods

Suorin pods are fairly long lasting but do no last for forever. Too keep your Suorin running at its optimal performance, pods generally need to be swapped every half bottle of nic salts or so. It varies greatly by ingredients, vaping habits and VG/PG ratios.

The sensational cartridges of Suorin are easily filled and primed. Switching from a disposable vape to refillable pod device has never been easier. Whatever style of juice you prefer, Suorin has a product that is perfect fit.


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