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SMOK Hardware


What is there to say about Smok, also known as Smoktech, which has not been said already. They have been churning out innovative designs since the earliest days of vaping. Their products are basically impossible miss to available everywhere. This is no small deal when compatibility is more important than ever in the era of vape pods. 

There is not one style of vaping which they do not have multiple products for. And within each product are usually multiple coil or pod options, providing even more flexibility. But it isn't as overwhelming as it sounds. No one is mistaking a Smok Novo, a  draw activated series of vape pods which compete directly with disposable vapes and prefilled vape pods, with one of their fire breathing sub-ohm box mods. Their middle line-up of RPM and Nord products splits the difference between these extremes, capable of handling both nic salts and high-VG vape juices depending on what coil is installed. 

Smok has worked hard to shed their reputation for leaky devices. Today, they stand atop the industry due their reliability, build quality, and excellent designs. If you are looking to switch to vapes that can be refilled, it would behoove you to examine the amazing products of Smoktech. 

Smok Vape Pods

Smok was one of the first companies to effectively respond to the popularity of expensive prefilled vape pods purchased at gas stations and convenience stores. Savvy customers quickly realized that rather than purchasing 0.7ml Juul Pods in 4 packs for $20, you could purchase 43 times more nic salts for the same price and squeeze them into high-quality pod kits like the Smok Novo. Draw activated and compact, it was a game changer. 

Smok has moved on a bit from the vape pod with integrated coil design. While the Novos used this approach until the Smok Novo 4, their larger vape pods have swappable coils and a reusable pod. Most also have adjustable wattage as well. This makes them ideal for vapers who are looking for an alternative to a vape mod or for nic salt vapers who are more concerned about battery life than draw activation and utilize the high-resistance coil options. 

Smok Vape Mods

Smok has long been famous for their sub-ohm box mods and vape mods. These are popular models, which is key because it means their coils are widely available. Generally kicking out the neighborhood of 220-watts, the need for unregulated mods quickly disappeared when such powerful chip regulated mods became affordable. There is no better way to enjoy high-VG vape juices than a box mod. 


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