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Ruthless eJuices and Nic Salts


Ruthless vape juice has become a name known in the industry for its high quality and unique flavors dating all the way back to the inception of the brand in 2011. Flavors like Grape Drank which features one of the most unique combinations of grape soda and grape candy for a grape explosion of flavor that has caused many of their customers to claim it as their All Day Vape(ADV). With a rigorous quality control process and the finest quality ingredients, it’s no wonder Ruthless has become a name synonymous with quality. Designed for vapers by vapers, this brand of vape juice has something for anyone's flavor preference. Find out more about this awesome vape juice brand by scrolling down past the collection.

Ruthless Vapor Flavors

Skir Skirrr:Crisp apple, honeydew, and melon flavors. 
Skir Skirrr On Ice: Apple, melon, and honeydew with menthol ice.
Ez Duz It: Strawberry and watermelon flavor notes. 
EZ Duz It On Ice: Blast of cooling ice with strawberry and watermelon flavors. 
Antidote: Blue razz and mango inspired vape juice. 
Antidote On Ice: Cooling ice fused with a mango and blu razz flavored vape juice. 
Swamp Thang:A fusion of Granny Smith and sour green apple confection flavors. 
Strizzy:Raspberry, kiwi, and strawberry notes inspired by authentic fruit flavors. 
Grape Drank:Inspired by the inspiring and sweet notes of grape soda.
Grape Drank On Ice:The same great grape pop flavor but with a kick of coolness to cut through the sweet Concord grape notes.
Paradize: A tropical fruit inspired flavor bomb with a unique blend of passionfruit, pear and peach notes.
Rage:Mango and apple infused flavor notes. 
Tropical Thunda: Sweet guava and berry notes. 
Slurricane: Notes of papaya, guava, and juicy peaches form this great fruity beverage vape juice. 

Ruthless Freeze Edition

Freeze Edition Mango Madness:Tropical mangoes with a menthol chill are the flavor profile.
Freeze Edition Joosie Red:Fresh hoosier apple notes, rather than apple confection flavors inspired this vape juice.
Freeze Edition Cherry Bomb:Sweet cherries with a tart finish coupled with menthol ice make this a delicious flavor. 
Freeze Edition Strawbrry:Classic strawberry ice flavor.
Freeze Edition Iced Out:Pure minty menthol chill. 
Freeze Edition Wtrmln:A brilliant watermelon ice flavor makes a perfect alternative to a Lush Ice disposable.
Freeze Edition Berry Blast:With flavors inspired by blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry merged with menthol ice, this is a crisp mixed berry eJuice. 



The Ruthless brand has been a force in the vape industry since it was first created in 2011. Bringing expert mixologists and culinary trained flavorists together along with the highest quality ingredients to create one of the best vape juice lines the market has seen. With their rigorous quality control process, no bottle of vape juice leaves their manufacturing facility without being tested and if it doesn’t pass it doesn’t get the Ruthless label. Located in Southern California, the Ruthless brand was put together by a team of vape enthusiasts who wanted to see what could be achieved if they combined their collective knowledge from the industry, high quality ingredients, and passion for new flavors, and out of that came the Ruthless Vape Juice line we all know and love.



The Ruthless brand has become well known amongst vapers in the industry for it’s unique and influential vape juice flavors. Fans of the brand know that each bottle will have the quality and taste they can only expect from Ruthless and their rigorous quality control process. Each flavor is expertly crafted to provide long lasting and delicious vapor to curb any cravings. This line of vape juice made for vapers by vapers has seen the name become synonymous with quality. Many of their fans have happily chosen flavors from the Ruthless vape juice line as their ultimate ADV, making it a common brand name in vape stores around the country.



EZ Duz It Vape Juice

Ruthless vape juice’s most popular flavor, EZ does it, is one of those market secrets you don’t know until you find it. A surprisingly delicious combination of fresh strawberries and juicy watermelon that will satisfy on every hit. A perfect choice for your next ADV if you’re a fan of fruit flavored vape juice.


Grape Drank Vape Juice

Ruthless saw the opportunity to make a great grape flavored vape juice and they took off running with it. They didn’t see a reason to be tied down by one great grape flavor when they can aim for two. This vape juice combines that delicious and almost overwhelmingly sweet grape candy flavor with the bubbly and sugary flavor of grape soda for a grape vape juice unlike any other. If you are a fan of grape flavor, then you have to try a bottle of Grape Drank.



Ruthless eJuice Ice Vape Juice

If you’re like many customers, you may experience the phenomenon known as “vapers tongue.” This is when you vape so often that you lose the flavor from your vape juice and it starts to taste dull. One option we recommend is trying Ruthless eJuice Menthol vape juice, some of your favorite flavors are available in a cool mentholated version that tends to stave off vapers tongue much longer or entirely for some. If this sounds like you, we definitely recommend trying EZ Duz It on Ice.



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