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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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😊 15% Off All Vapetasia Juices - Code: Junior - Ends July 23rd 😊


Yami Vapor is one of the most underrated brands. Being in the industry since 2017 they have been one of the most steady and consistent brands out there. Having Ten flavors on their lineup Yami does not disappoint with their unique flavors. Unlike most juice brands out there Yami Vapors have set the bar for straying away from the usual flavors that you will see on the market today.


The flavors offered hit every range from dessert to fruity to even tobacco there will be a choice for every flavor pallet. Please see the flavors offered below:

  • Taruto- Custard | Portuguese Egg Tart | Dan Ta
  • Butter Brew- Butterscotch
  • Icy Trio- Strawberry | Kiwi | Lychee | Menthol
  • Milkgat- Milk Nougat
  • Shaka- Mango | Mangosteen
  • Juusu- Apple | Peach | Lychee
  • Gorudo- Japanese Sweet Potato
  • Milka- Pomegranate | Orange | Guava
  • Yuki- Passionfruit | Orange | Guava | Menthol
  • Kerumi- Bourbon | Tobacco | Vanilla

Looking at the flavors offered you can definitely see there are some unique flavors on here. The flavors like Taruto, Milkgat and Gorudo definitely stray away from traditional savory flavors. Personally I have tried these flavors and they definitely exceeded my expectations. The three unique flavors are definitely done right! However if you are still skeptical about these flavors, Yami will provide 7 other flavors that are extraordinarily done. I would not judge a book by its cover on this juice brand.

Final Overview

Overall the flavors and quality offered from this juice line is great! Being a steady brand since 2018 is already hard to do, especially now. However Yami has stood the test of time and still a steady brand already speaks for itself. Do not count this brand out yet and hopefully they will release some new flavors or even a disposable soon. 

To test out these juices for yourself please see the link below:


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