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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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What’s Selling Best Around Me?

What’s Selling Best Around Me?

Want to know what your fellow customers are buying? We have the data for you and you can find out what’s hot in your area. Find out what the community is vaping and let your friends know as well!


California has an affinity for the Halcyon Vapors brand. However, two other brands have also managed to sneak into the Top 5.

Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch’i

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch’i

Halcyon Vapors - Apach’i

Midas Vape E-Liquids - Glacial Menthol

Vape Pink E-Liquid - Cookie Butter


Fruit flavors dominate the vape scene in Texas. Liquid EFX Vape was the lone non-fruit flavor that was selling best in the state. Like California, Texas also loves Halcyon Vapors products.

Candy King eJuice - Strawberry Watermelon

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch’i

Liquid EFX Vape - Fried Cream Cakes

Halcyon Vapors - Apach’i

Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch’i

New Jersey

New Jersey seems to be the “hipster” state when it comes to vape, although some big-name brands have made it onto the list.

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch’i

Tally Ho Vapor - Dolomite

Fresh Farms E-Liquid - Sour Chew

Plus Pods - Compatible Flavor Pods - Lemonade

Boosted E-Liquid - Boosted


Florida seems to be bucking the trend for fruit flavors, preferring dessert flavors from Vape Pink E-Liquid and Beard Vape Co. among others. Only one fruit flavor made it into the Top 5.

Midas Vape E-Liquids - Cinnamon Candy

ALD Amaze VFire Pods 1-Pack

Vape Pink E-Liquid - Cookie Butter

Beard Vape Co. - #32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Humble Juice Co. - Donkey Khan


Just like their counterparts in Texas and California, Colorado vapers are huge fans of Halcyon Vapors and fruit flavors in general.

Bomb Sauce E-Liquid - Trouble Gum

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch’i

Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch’i

Traditional Juice Co. - Lola

Halcyon Vapors - Apach’i

This is what is selling best in these states. Do you want your state to be included in a future edition of our retail WSBAM? Make some purchases today!

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Jose Alvarez, - May 18, 2020

Hello VapeMom,

Thank you for engaging with our post. That blue point is Michigan, and we will be running a report for Wisconsin soon.

VapeMom - April 13, 2020

What is the state with the blue point? MI,WI….I live in Wisconsin wondering what is good here and selling! Thanks!

Brandi jones - April 9, 2020

Can’t wait to try your juices

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