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What Amazes You?

August 02, 2017

What Amazes You?

Authored by: Alexandre P. Pinto


​This is the most open question ever, with a million possible answers, depending on everyone's tastes, background and equipment. Myself, vaping around 45w, would go for a milky flavor; around 55w, and I’d probably combine this with a berry flavor. Berries are something I came to love in Poland, where I traveled for a Master’s in Business, and the country is considered to have the most exquisite berries in the world. Although, I got some amazing fruits in Seattle some years ago, and was told Washington farmers are the masters of fruit. A walk on the Pyke Market is a delight. But for the ones who were lucky enough to taste peaches from Georgia… well, you know it is something unbeatable.

  Growing up in a city close by several farms, I can say I was very happy: in the early morning, I could milk cows, and later on in the morning I could go for some grapes or pomegranate. During the afternoon, I could easily climb a tree just to catch a juicy and sweet mango. Fresh oranges were always a good, especially during the Fall, which is usually way warmer than in it is in the Northern Hemisphere during this time. My life experiences led me to like more fruits.

  An All Day Vape, for me, is usually a juice which has a lot of fruit. When I started to vape, in Sunny Florida, however, I chose my liquids carefully; I was trying to stop smoking for the third or fourth time, and I thought I should stick to tobacco. I didn't know by that time there were eLiquids with different types of tobacco, so I chose the one which reminds me the one I was used to smoke - that cowboy one. First impression: the tobacco flavor was better than my previous experience with cigarettes (this is, to date, the best argument I have when talking about vaping with smokers, encouraging them to try a better solution for their own safety). It was purer, there was nothing burned. No ashes around.

Finally, one or two days of vaping, I felt IT : that feeling we all have when vaping. I could enjoy the flavor, deeply, with with different notes.Another great thing was that I was not smelling cigarettes anymore: clean clothes, clean hair, clean fingers, etc.

  One week after, I couldn't enter my car (I used to smoke while driving), and I spent some good money cleaning it entirely (I changed my car into a new one, "without any trace of smoking,” I admit I hate smoking). The end of my vacation time in Florida was near, so I decided to go back to the vape shop responsible for the best decision in my life--quitting smoking--and the guy asked me to try some different flavors. As my palate was going back to normal, I could have the experience to perceive more and more different tastes, and it would be a good idea to have different experiences and new eLiquids. I just got enough to hold on for 3 more months. ‘It will be enough to quit, even electronic cigarettes’, I thought.

But then, there was a turn over on this decision. After leaving America, I got back to my job, and I was sent to France, and walking around, I saw this vape shop. We started to talk, and the owner offered to let me try a juice with apple in its recipe, but due to my life background, apples were "worse" than oranges and mangos, but even then, I gave it a try.

My head exploded. I was experiencing something it took some time to understand: I was trying, at that very moment, a french apple pie! Exactly the same taste!

Impressed, I bought the whole line of that brand, and there were always some good surprises. And after that afternoon in Southern France, I decided vaping was not only the best thing I did to my own safety, but something that could also trigger some good memories. Something that could amaze me. I realized I just could not put my gear away, with so much to discover ahead. So I kept it. And decided to improve and evolve as long the industry allows me. The beauty of the discovery new mixologies is it brings surprise and wonder. This juice brought back to a time when all the days were sunny, and I was climbing some big tree after some fruits. Who would guess a juice would bring so much back?

  • How do you choose your juices?
  • Do you like more sophisticated mixes?
  • What do you consider when recommend flavors to friends?

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