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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vaping Safety

Vaping Safety

Authored By: Alexandre P. Pinto


I am assuming you’re searching for some tips and information regarding safety on vaping, but you’ve already made the safest decision of your life: giving up smoking.

 Millions of people are still smoking, but at the same time, we also see millions migrating into a safer way to still consume what can be called a relief, a step down on a crazy day, a moment of silence, or whatever you would like to call it. You know how to keep your juices safe, you know how to charge your batteries, you know how to carry your mod, you know how to vape. But the question here is, do you REALLY know what you are doing?

We are not going to discuss here what vaping is, I am sure one of members here at will do it. The aim here is to discuss best practices to daily and “silly” activities, how we carry our eJuice on the go, if we clean our drip tips often, and try to make everything simple and direct.

I have noticed a “big” event during the past few months, which is batteries on fire when being carried by people who are not concerned about their own safety. Do not carry extra batteries on your pocket. Period. If, for some reason, you need to do it, use battery protective silicone sleeves, which will cost something around a dollar each. But, you can do better: there are cases which can store up to 2 batteries already within the silicon cases. I strongly recommend you use this set when commuting with your batteries.

The safest solution is still to use the set above described (batteries on silicon sleeves, inside a battery case), not in your pocket, but inside a proper pocket (carrying just the set), in a purse or backpack. This way you will make sure to minimize risks that can jeopardise your own health.

What about your RTA’s and RDA’s? In a world where companies are dropping technology on a daily basis, how to not get a new version of a RDA you like, or a RTA which has the features you are looking for, done by a Company and Brand you respect? The question is - how do you clean them?

 After all, it is a thing you see everyday, in our lips inhaling vapor through your mouth and throat, down to your lungs… Do you borrow your vape to friends who want to try a new juice? Do you carry an extra drip tip for that? Moreover, do you use other people’s tanks? In such cases, do you use your own drip tip? This is not something we want to read in a blog like this, but there are dozen of stupid diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. As said before, your safety is the aim here.

I will end this first blog entry with a few questions to you:

  • Do you carry extra batteries? Why, and most important, how?
  • Do you clean your tanks? Share here how you do it.
  • Do you share your mod with friends who wants to try a new juice? Have you ever thought about using a different drip tip than the one you are currently using?


See you soon,


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