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Top 5 Savage E-Liquids

June 05, 2019

Top 5 Savage E-Liquids

We know there are a few Savage E-liquid fans out there (Okay, maybe more than a few), so we thought we would put together a top 5 Savage E-Liquid flavors list for those of you who are curious about where you should start! With a wide array of flavors to satisfy even the most stubborn palette, we’re certain we can find something in this top five that anyone reading this will enjoy! Let’s get started.

Number one on our list has earned its place as one of the top selling liquids on our website period, let alone the top seller in the Savage collection. Harley Quinn features a Raspberry Cookie flavor profile that will drive your taste buds crazy like the character this e-juice is aptly named after. A sweet mix of sugary raspberry and the bold satisfying fresh cookies, it’s no wonder Harley Quinn has managed to become a fan favorite. It’s no question, if you’re even remotely curious about this flavor profile, then this is the first juice from Savage you should get your hands on.

Number two on our list is the golden gun of vape experiences. Savage E-liquid - Bond is Savage’s secret weapon, a refreshing fruity menthol mix that hits your taste buds before you know it’s even there. While it is a secret weapon, it won’t hesitate to tell everyone it’s name as soon as it arrives. As a big fan of fruit mixed with menthol, this is an absolute treat for this writer, so if Harley Quinn didn’t sound like a winner for you then Bond is definitely a solid follow up to try. Again that’s Bond… Savage E-liquid - Bond.

The third flavor on our list will have you double tapping your ring on the desk in joy, Savage E-liquid - Underwood . A delicious Blue candy vape, this flavor features a note of sour raspberry that any tangy fruit loving vaper will enjoy. While we didn’t have the chance to vote for this juice, it nonetheless made its way onto this list with its cunning flavor profile, and ruthless commitment to being the best.

Fourth on our list is Savage E-liquid - White . Certainly deserving of being part of the savage lineup, this juice will stop at nothing to make it onto your list of top ADV’s. A mild mixture of limeade and raspberry, it still packs a delicious punch on every inhale. If you decide to give it a try, we have to warn you, the more you begin to enjoy this flavor, the more intense and savage it will become. We’re certain this flavor is going to be as unique and memorable as seeing a pizza on the roof.

Finally, last on our list is going to be Savage E-liquid - Hugh Jackman . This flavor is absolutely ripped, with a toned strawberry whipped cream coffee cake flavor that seems to regenerate with every hit you take. While it may have some issues remembering where it came from, we can assure you that you won’t ever forget that this is one of Savage E-liquid’s best flavors. The prestige of this particular juice is well known due to its origins, which really deserve credit for the real steel present in this eliquid. We hope these puns didn’t make you misérable.

It was a treat to go over these top 5 juices from the Savage E-liquid lineup, and we hope you enjoyed them as well. If you’re interested in any of these flavors or the other flavors Savage carries , use discount code SAVAGE25 at checkout to get 25% off! This discount will only last until June 7th at midnight P.T., so get your orders in quickly! Keep an eye out for our next top 5 brand spotlight, and be sure to leave a review if you end up purchasing one of these great flavors and make it easier for others to make a decision about trying them as well.

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