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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Top 5 Fruity Nic Salt Flavors

Top 5 Fruity Nic Salt Flavors

Top 5 Fruit Nic Salts

When it comes to vaping, there are many different options available for those who want to enjoy the experience. One of the most popular choices for vapers today are salt nic juice flavors that tantalize the taste buds with their fruity flavors. Check out our complete collection of fruity flavored nic salts here.

As we are limited to five, honorable mentions will be handed out to watermelon/Lush Ice and the huge variety of tropical fruit flavors now available in salt nic form. This includes exotic guava, lychee, starfruit grape and many others.

Citrus flavors also didn't get a full explanation, although they appear in many of the salt e-liquids listed below. There are so many flavor combinations on the market that we had to expand beyond the basics. For every strawberry cream salt nic juice, there is a blood orange cactus cooler or blueberry lemon vape. When listing the best nicotine salt fruit vapes, beverage and dessert inspired flavor combinations like Lemon Tart were omitted.


Nic Salt Flavors

shop Nic Salts

Nicotine salts deliver discrete vaping and are generally sold in a high nicotine strength that does not require much vapor or wattage to deliver great flavor profiles. They are especially popular in sweet flavors.

Nicotine salts are notable for providing a very satisfying vaping experience without the harsh throat hit that characterized high nicotine strength formulas that used standard nicotine. Nicotine salts are made by adding benzoic acid to regular vape juice nicotine to create a salt. The nicotine salt has a lower pH level, meaning much more can be added to a vape juice without making it too harsh to tolerate. 

There is no reason a low-nicotine vape juice could not use nic salts instead, but regular nicotine is quite suitable up to 12-18mg. It is only at higher levels where the smoothness of nicotine salt e-liquids really pulls ahead. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind that the smooth taste of fruity nic salts should be only enjoyed in a lower wattage device. Box mods and high-wattage devices are designed for freebase nicotine and lower nicotine strength vape juices with a high-VG ratio. These are ideal for Direct Lung Vaping. Nicotine salt e-juices are formulated with Mouth-to-Lung or MTL vaping in mind. They have a high-nicotine concentration and should be vaped accordingly.

 MTL vs DL


Top 5 Fruity Nic Salt Flavors

Make sure you check out our collection of fruit flavored nicotine salt e-liquids if you are looking for great flavor. We also have a feature on the Top 5 Fruit Disposable Vape Flavors for anyone seeking a one-time use draw activated device. But the purpose of this list is to shine the spotlight on the best fruit flavored salt nic juice formulas.


This is a tall order since fruit flavors are exceedingly popular with adult vapers and there are many legendary fruity flavors. Taste buds have been tantalized by many great interpretations of these nicotine salt e-liquids. For those who live in areas with flavor restrictions, check out our feature on the Top 5 Classic Tobacco Nic Salt flavors.



Mango is such a nic salt classic that we dedicated a whole list to it a couple weeks back. Check out our feature on the Top 5 Mango Nic Salts.


Blue Razz

It is interesting that one of the best nicotine salt fruity flavors is hardly based on a fruit at all! Blue razz is inspired by equal parts confection, icy treat, and authentic raspberry notes. Blue was selected years ago to represent this flavor as red was already taken by strawberry and cherry in the world of flavorings. Blue razz ranks high on the list of great flavors because it is bursting with flavor and sweetness. Yet blue raspberry remains a refreshing vape that has been expertly paired with menthol ice in many disposable vape and nic salt e-liquids.



Apple nicotine salts come in several forms. The most common are Granny Smith sour apple flavors in salt nic form. This flavor is augmented by notes akin to a hard-shelled confection.

A best-selling flavor in disposable vapes and bottled nic salt e-liquid is the combination of green apple and cool menthol ice. In regular e-liquids, you will find a greater variety of red apple inspired vape juices but there are several great salt nics that feature Fuji Apples. Crisp red apple is one of the best nicotine salt flavors, even if a bit overshadowed by its green confection cousin. 



There is no doubt that strawberry is a great flavor yet in nicotine salts flavors it usually is sharing the stage with creamy milk or other fruit flavors that target the sweet tooth.

Strawberry Ice is another flavor combination that has long been a nic salt e-liquid favorite. The icy menthol notes creating a true all-day vape.

Perhaps even more popular is the pairing of strawberry and banana. Strawberry nic salts generally draw from both the confection and fresh fruit side, with fragrant and rich flavors. Strawberry cream has been one of the most popular flavors in vaping for years. It is beloved as both a regular vape juice and in nic salt form.



Obviously, when a list is limited to five there will be omissions. Peach and pear were neck and neck with pineapple for this slot. Browse the Pineapple Collection at for more great flavor options. Pineapple gets the nod because where pear is an add-on flavor, pineapple is often the flagship. This is the case in pineapple citrus twist salt nics that include pineapple grapefruit and other great concoctions such as Pina Colada and beverage inspired flavors. Peach was a closer run contest. It can trend a bit sweet but has an unmistakable nectary mouthfeel that few flavors can compare with. Perhaps the best of both worlds is a pineapple peach nic salt with a dash of crisp menthol ice.


Vaping Fruity Nic Salts

There are two common ways to vape nicotine salts, and a standing debate concerning the respective merits of bottled nic salts and disposable vapes.

First, are more cost-effective. The initial investment need not be more than a 30ml bottle of salt nic and a draw-activated pod kit, which will run less than $30 depending on the model. This is about the same cost as getting two long lasting disposable vapes, which will roughly equal the nic salt bottle in capacity but are one time use.

Once that initial investment in the pod kit is complete, it can be refilled with e-liquid for multiple uses, making them a more sustainable and economically friendly option. Disposable vapes, on the other hand, are single-use only and need to be replaced once their e-liquid has run out. This can add up in costs over time, especially for regular vapers.

If you are looking for the best nic salt and disposable vape flavors, is the online vape store you are looking for. We are a one-stop shop, a vape store online with reliable shipping and a great selection. With great names like Lost Mary, Elf Bar, Esco Bars and others, is great online vape store alternative to paying full price at a gas station or brick and mortar location. 



Disposable Vapes


When it comes to convenience disposable vapes do have the upper hand and refillable vape pod kits. Simply open the packaging and vape. But refillable vape pod kits are easier to use than ever. They are compact and are a great choice for vapers on-the-go. The longer lasting disposable vapes are outstanding but require charging, just like a vape pod starter kit. This means the difference is simply the procurement of bottled salt nic, the occasional swapping of coils/pods and the squeezing of a bottle.

Overall, both bottled nic salts and disposable vapes have their own advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately depends on the individual vaper's preference and priorities. However, when it comes to fruit nic salts specifically, bottled options tend to offer more in terms of variety and cost-effectiveness.


Vape Pod Starter Kits

vape pod kits

In terms of flavor and variety, bottled nic salts tend to offer more options. With the ability to refill them with different e-liquids, vapers can experiment with a wider range of fruit flavors and nicotine strengths.

Disposable vapes, on the other hand, are limited to the flavors and nicotine strengths of the specific product. In the case of both bottled nic salts and disposable vapes, the most popular flavor options are fruit and classic menthol fruit fusions with cool mint flavors.

Vape pod starter kits work just as well as entry point for adults making the switch as they do for veteran vapers. There are a huge range pod designs on the market. Some have screens and can match the fanciest box mods when it comes to features.

There are also plenty of pared down, draw-activated pod kits that make a great disposable vape alternative. Devices like the UWell Caliburn, Smok Novo, and Vaporesso XROS are incredibly easy to use. Apart from the fact you must fill them with salt nic liquid or freebase nicotine juice (most pod kits come with two coil designs and can handle both types of vape juice), there is very little difference in terms of ease of use when compared to disposable vapes. And these lower wattage pod kits are nicotine salt safe.

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