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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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😊 15% Off All Vapetasia Juices - Code: Junior - Ends July 23rd 😊
Top 5 Flavors for Netflixing

Top 5 Flavors for Netflixing

Here are the top 5 flavors for Netflixing:

  • We’ll begin with number 5, which is Caramel Popcorn by County Fair eLiquid. This is a sweet and savory take on our beloved classic popcorn flavor, with layers of sweet caramel syrup making this the perfect treat for a night in.
  • Heading over to number four, we have Sweet & Salty Popcorn by Kernel Vapors. We love combined flavors, and we especially love when two types of flavor profiles come together to create a truly unique taste. This popcorn flavor is sprinkled with a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar...but a whole lot of flavor.
  • Coming in at third, we have Birthday Cake by Popcorn Man eLiquid. Bare with us and try to keep an open mind. While a birthday cake flavored popcorn treat doesn’t sound delectable to the ears, it creates an explosion of flavor within your taste buds. Buttery popcorn and birthday cake is a combination made in heaven, trust us.
  • Looking at number two, we have Pop Deez by Steep Vapors. While we’ve already listed another caramel popcorn flavor, this happens to be a flavor that many who are “dipping their toe” with the popcorn flavors run to. Remember the large Holiday tins with different types of popcorn inside of them? This flavor will remind you of that.
  • And finally, rounding off at number one, our top flavor for Netflixing is I Love Popcorn by Mad Hatter eJuice. This popcorn flavor is spot on, crisp, and covered with sweet, melted butter...which will instantly make you feel like you’re sitting in a movie theatre, rapidly working your way towards the bottom of the popcorn bag before the previews have even ended. Perfection.

And that’s our list for this week! We have your products In-stock, competitively priced and ready to ship, with Interest-free financing and Renowned customer support.

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