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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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To Mod or Not To Mod?

To Mod or Not To Mod?

Authored By: Natalie Lopez

When it comes to vaping, there are significantly more options than your standard cigarette. From the method you use (e-cigs/cig-a-likes to vape pens to sophisticated mods), to the vape juice flavor, the choices are near limitless. Deciding on what is best for you can be tricky, which is why I have combed through every resource available to help narrow down the choices.

Starting simple: cig-a-likes. Some beginner vapers will quickly be turned away by the idea of making your own coils (I have a few friends making seven a day) or building your own mods. No need to worry when it comes to e-cigs. Most cig-a-likes are ready to go once you pull them from the package, or require a mere moment to screw on the battery! No drip required (if you even know what drip means yet; maybe you will, maybe you’ll decide it’s not worth the time). You still have the options of how much nicotine you intake, although the flavors are somewhat lacking in comparison to pens or mods.

E-cigs are roughly the size of a normal cigarette, and light enough to carry around with ease. They’re close enough in likeness to avoid unwanted attention, and can be safely discarded when you are done (no need to worry about that dreadful overheating to the degree you would a mod). While there is definitely less maintenance than with a sophisticated mod, depending on how much you vape, replacing the cartridges can really rack up a bill.

Vape pens and sophisticated mods, in the long run, may be a better option if you’re looking for the most cost effective method of vaping. Although the list of items you may need (at least if you are going to build your own mod) seems pricey, in the long run, you’re replacing the juice less often than you would in an e-cig. There are also easier mods you don’t have to put as much effort into building. Coil building isn’t your cup of tea? No problem! Atomizers have the wick and coils pre-built for you; just pop it in and go.

Now there are absolutely differences between vape pens and mods that may influence your choice. For starters, pens are cheaper and easier to use than mods; they are only a step up from the e-cigs if you’re a beginner. As implied by the name, they’re easily the size of a pen, therefore can be used discreetly.

Mods, although not as easy to hide, have stronger battery life, are extra durable, and have more flexibility when it comes to changing any of the variables of your vaping experience. They do require careful cleaning (the last thing you want is the taste of old ejuice), and fortunately it’s not a brain buster to get your mods tidy. You could even use just water and vodka (naturally you wouldn’t use an alcohol you couldn’t safely consume).

So which should you use? In all honesty, it always comes down to preference.

If you’re just starting out in the world of vaping, work up to the vape pen! It’s easy to refill with the dripping method (it’s no more complicated than using eye drops), and conveniently portable. Alternately, if you’re looking for more power in your vape, and maybe something to tinker with in your down time, go for the mods. Even ask your local vape shops their opinions and see what they come up with! They might have a good argument that’ll convince you which choice is right for you.

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