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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

😊 15% Off All Disposables - Code: Disposly - Ends July 13th 😊
😊 15% Off All Disposables - Code: Disposly - Ends July 13th 😊
The Scoop on the Suorin Drop

The Scoop on the Suorin Drop

- Authored by Kristin Meehan

If you're new to vaping, you might be confused as to what the difference between an RDA and RTA is. Have no fear! In terms of RTA’s, we tend to look at closed-systems to provide options for both stealth vaping and vaping with ease, as they are generally not too hard to use and mess-free (compared to dripping or using a tank, at times). The portability of them makes them appealing to most as well. But what’s the best RTA out there?

Well, I won’t claim that one is better than all the others. However, one of my favorite RTA's is the Suorin Drop and it's available for an amazing price here on in a variety of colors, which I really appreciate! I love that you can literally drip whatever into it, and they don’t limit you in terms of refill options---so you can choose whatever flavors you want and you can always adjust the nicotine level (and even use salts). Not every place carries the Suorin Drop, so I was happy to see it on their site! Then, when checking out, you’ll receive a free shipping option and that's a bigger bonus! Anything to save money helps and this site is the place to save!

They always have amazing promos, sales, offers, and customer service--so I always find myself coming back and shopping with them. The shipping is super fast and I love knowing right after I order the product, it will be here very, very soon. The site has so much to choose from... the variety is what truly got me into! I would send my Mom there, so I trust them. So should you!

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