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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Stow Your Gear and eJuices

Stow Your Gear and eJuices

Authored by: Alexandre P. Pinto


Taking good care of your gear and juices is always something we have to take into consideration when vaping. I don't know one single vaper who does not need to store his/her gear and juices. There is always a new flavor, or a new tank, or even that mod you’ve been saving some money to buy. Some don't pay attention to this very important issue. When I started, I decide to buy a decent amount of eJuice, based on what I was smoking on a daily basis.

I had a pair of egos, and a pair of cigalikes - and what I call ‘the sum for 3 months of liquids to stay away from smoking’. My concern, at that time, was to keep the gear working as good as new, and the eLiquid to keep its properties, not losing flavor. Sometime later, I also read something about nicotine being deteriorated (one more thing to worry about). With this in mind, I decide to store everything as closest as possible to me, and my nightstand drawer was the right choice to put it all in.

 With not much gear and eLiquid (compared to today’s situation), it was a good solution at that time. But new gear came up – ‘mods’ were introduced in the market, and it was inevitable to follow the stream and evolve the quality of vaping with what I was using at the time. And with mods, tanks were necessary. And new coils. The list of what I suddenly needed just started to grow like never before: it is common sense if you have one thing (one mod, one tank), you have ‘none’, because what are you going to do when there is a problem and you end up without the only one you have? With that in mind, I had at least two of everything I could get at that time, and the drawer was not big enough for so many things – especially electronics.

With a dozen gadgets, I knew they had to be stored in a place without any humidity, preferable away from sunlight, and a good temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

I decided then to have boxes, to store mods and tanks boxes (and up to today, I thank companies that use smaller boxes), and a good (and traditional) solution for liquids. Big, hard, plastic boxes (not transparent) for mods and tanks; a big wine box for eLiquids.

This is still what I use after so many years. The difference is that I have more plastic boxes, now. Regarding eLiquids, I keep many steeping, but the box is big enough to accommodate at least 1 liter spread around dozens of 30ml and 60ml small bottles.

My Drip Tips are stored in one of Muji box, with 12 compartments, each one with 2 of them. This box is always inside of a medium plastic box, with the same characteristics of the big ones. Wires, in another box; in this one, my packs of wicking material (currently using Japanese cotton pads and cellucotton, this one for smaller builds). Scissors, pliers, a box of screwdrivers – because I don't trust the ones sent with tanks, and also because I lose them easily – along with a coil master tab, a mat for building, are on another small box.

Batteries are stored in a box of their own, always within protective cases. Tanks and RDA’s are stored different boxes for screws (RTA’s and RDTA’s in one, RDA’s in another), like the ones we all have on our garages. Sizes are perfect for atomizers with maximum 24mm (and I don't have bigger than that – so far…).They are always clean, and built, so when I want to use one of them, they are ready to be used. My friends ask me why I chose a wine wooden box to store eLiquids.The answer is, it is being used for years and years to store wine, in the most different conditions around the world; I keep my e-liquids safe, away from sunlight, in temperature around 20C, in a dry environment.

 So far, I cannot think of another solution as good and practical as this one… I believe everything is organized, always clean, easy to find and, most important, you don't miss screws, screwdrivers, coils, and drip tips.

  • How do you store your gear?
  • How do you store your e-eliquids?
  • Do you store nicotine? I don't, but I would like you to share your knowledge!
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