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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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15% Off Your Order - Code: Father15 - Ends June 17th - Happy Dads Day
Is That a Mod in Your Pocket?

Is That a Mod in Your Pocket?

Hi! My name is Alex and I like to think of myself as a simple person but I always find myself obsessing over the smallest details. I’m drawn to concise and efficient design not only in products but also in everyday functionality. It is always a struggle to find the perfect balance when I’m deciding what to add to my everyday carry and through the years, I’ve acquired and phased out items that make it into my pockets as my daily routine. Today, I’d like to share what have been consistent companions for the last few months.

  1. Dotsquonk/Athena RDA - I’ve gone many mods and my current setup is amazing! Squonks have been amazing to me (read more about them in our previous blog post about squonks!) The capacity of the bottle, simplicity of the mechanical mod and size are a big factor for me. The Athena RDA is a no-nonsense rebuildable that has been tried and true and continues to perform as it did the day i bought it!
  2. SOG Blink Pocket Knife - I’ve been carrying a pocket knife for years and even though I rarely use it, it’s been a life-saver when it was needed. It’s a small knife that fits in the palm of my hand so I’m not out hunting wildlife with it or anything but if I need to open a box with it, I’ll open the trusty Blink. I can’t stress enough on the safety while carrying a spring assisted knife. Always keep it locked and BE RESPONSIBLE!
  3. Bellroy Note Sleeve - Wallets need to do 2 things: carry identification/credit cards and hold money. This wallet is the perfect size for unfolded US currency and holds about 12 cards without getting bulky. I’ve gone through a ton of different wallets but keep coming back!
  4. Lip Balm - I can’t have both ashy lips and elbows so I choose to stick with ashy elbows. Although, would it be weird to use lip balm on my elbows? We might have a winner here.
  5. Extra Battery - As vapers, we all know the struggle when your battery runs out of charge. I keep an extra battery in my bag and in my pocket if I know I’m not going to have my bag accessible. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you always keep your batteries insulated! has a pretty awesome selection of batteries you can find here. The sleeve I use came in a box of KILO eLiquid and it’s perfect! I’m not sure if they still include the battery sleeves in their boxes but I highly recommend finding something similar or purchasing a Chubby Gorilla Battery Case.
  6. Extra Cotton - As vapers we also know the struggle of burned/dirty cotton and we all know the bliss of a fresh wick! I like to keep a small bag of Cotton Bacon in my bag with me just in case! FYI, I find Cotton Bacon to have a pretty minimal break-in period and lasts the longest. If you have any suggestions on some cotton I should try, comment below.
  7. iPhone - It’s just better =)
  8. Keys - I try to keep as little on my keyring as possible: work, apartment and Subaru (yes I vape and drive a Subaru.) Oh, the gym pass is just for decoration.
  9. LiquidEFX Fried Cream Cakes - I mainly vape bakery/dessert flavors and FCC has been heavy in my rotation since it came out. The flavor is amazing and my coils/wick tend to last longer than most flavors in the same genre. Liquid EFX has released 2 more additions to their Fried Cream Cakes line: Strawberry and Lucky Charm. Both are highly recommended!

If you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting out, be prepared to add a few more items to your everyday carry. I know carrying all these items aren’t required but it will definitely get you out of a jam when needed. I’d rather have these few extra items on me and be ready to fix something rather than going back to the stinkies. I’d love to know how vaping has changed your everyday life routine in the comments below. What’s in your pockets?

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