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DOGS OF EJUICES.COM: Stella Rose & Kenta

July 31, 2019

DOGS OF EJUICES.COM: Stella Rose & Kenta

eJuices.com’s Megan, who works in the Purchasing Department, owns two adorable dogs: Stella Rose, a 15-month-old Husky Pitbull mix, and Kenta, an 11-month-old Tosa Inu. “I met Stella Rose when she was 5 weeks old when my friend’s two dogs had puppies,” she said. She said that she fell in love with Stella Rose at first glance because she had climbed over all her siblings to get held. Megan took Stella Rose home that very night.

Her meeting with Kenta was by chance: she met her on Craigslist when she was 12 weeks old. She was getting too big for her previous owner. Tosa Inus grow to over 100 pounds and are considered one of the larger breeds of dogs. Megan went to meet her and took her home that very day. Both of them eat Gentle Giant dog food but also get raw food and veggies. “Kenta LOVES raw chicken, bone-in,” she said. As for Stella Rose? She’s not a picky eater. “She eats everything from veggies to candy. You give it to her, she will eat it,” Megan added.

As with any dog owner, the stories are endless. “Stella Rose likes to antagonize Kenta, like any sister. One night she was jumping over Kenta and hitting her on purpose. Kenta smacked her with her big dumb paw and Stella laid on the dramatics. She fell to the ground, looked at me, and came running. She was crying; the whole nine yards,” she said. Megan thought that Stella Rose had actually been hurt. “Stella was looking at Kenta the whole time making her jealous. She now always does this and always with a flair for the dramatics,” she said. 

Megan primarily vapes nic salts—she enjoys LushIce by VGOD and SaltNic eJuice, Cool Mint SaltNic by The Finest, and Strawberry Parfait by Vape Parfait. For the entire month of August, we’re doing a promo where you can get 15% off when you spend $40 or more when you use the code pupper, 25% off when you spend $60 or more when you use the code doggo, and 35% off when you spend $80 or more when you use the code woofer.

On that note, did you know that in 1929, Rin Tin Tin was allegedly nominated for an Academy Award? Do you think Stella’s acting can catch the attention of Hollywood producers? We’ll be featuring more of our staff members’ dogs in Dogust, so check back for more content!


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