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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Cloud Chasers

Cloud Chasers

Authored By: Natalie Lopez

A quick heads up: cloud chasers aren’t the latest superhero franchise. However, they are as cool as they sound. Cloud chasing has risen in popularity, with vapors transforming it from a simple hobby to a near sport. There are cloud competitions where prizes range from bragging rights to pure cash. One could go as far as saying it’s the new poker; you can do it with friends for fun or turn a profit!

Just like with any sport, patience and practice is necessary. Cloud chasing could be dangerous if you are not absolutely certain of what you’re doing. Keep in mind your mods, heating safety, and your own lung capacity. Not everyone (or every mod) is built the same. Now that the warning is out of the way, ask yourself: what do you think a cloud chasing competition is?

  • Are there different brackets depending on the type of pen you use?
  • Are there special competitions for advanced cloud tricks?
  • Does the use of specific flavors give you an edge?

Taking it question by question, no, not yet, and it depends. Right now, cloud chasing is exactly that. Vapors are blowing the biggest clouds they can and trying not to be outdone. As far as specific flavors giving you an edge, it is true that in eLiquids, VG produces a denser cloud due to the juice being thicker. So no, it’s not quite the flavor that gives you an edge, but what makes the flavor.

What you will mostly want to focus on is having a strong battery, and even stronger mod which can support the low resistance of the coil (the lower the resistance, the better the cloud). Also look into how to control airflow settings; more airflow, better cooling capacity, surplus of vapor. An increase of airflow creates the chance for more vapor! Keep in mind though, the phrase “too much of a good thing” as too much airflow will thin out any clouds. With the right balance, you will avoid burning your wick, and introduce a fresher puff of air which will optimize condensation of vapor into cloud.

Another important tip to keep in mind is posture. Successful cloud chasers have gone on record with their technique, attributing a nice, plump cloud to how they stand and exhale before the big moment. Imagine yourself lifting boxes: you want to put your back into it. Stand up straight when you inhale, and lean forward as  you exhale. There is almost a rhythm to it, and with practice, you could easily find yours.

At the moment, cloud competitions are no more than producing the largest cloud, but there is always room to expand. There are countless videos of vapors showing off their skills, whether it’s blowing simple smoke rings or manipulating the smoke like you’re straight out of a sci-fi show. Competitions range from locally to internationally, so it couldn’t hurt to check out your nearest vape shops and see what they have to offer. It is always possible you could meet other vapors with tricks to share, or even boost your ego and discover you are the best in town!

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