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Rocket Sheep Premium Juice - Booster

Rocket Sheep Premium Juice - Booster


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Jump-start your mornings with this uplifting medley of essential picker-uppers. This creamy fusion of (possibly spiked) coffee and a fruity after-taste will definitely get you through the day.

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    Better than a hearty cup of coffee!

    (Using: eGo Twist + Eleaf mini BCC) I think this only the second ejuice review I've given max stars too. That's cuz this is really good. I've been looking for a good coffee, & finally found it. I'm almost positive it's "spiked" w caffeine, cuz I have another that I know is (& make my own caffeinated flavors), and it has that signature murky, foggy look about it. Okay. So you know how most GOOD coffee gives your mouth a nasty after taste? This has the hearty bite of a good, SF cup of coffee, w/out that yuck mouth. Instead, it's got a refreshing herb/fresh fruit kick back, leaving my tongue & pearly whites feeling alright. The inhale is all dark roast coffee (tho has a relatively light throat hit), then, the coffee flavor is still there, but an indescribably subtle fruity/spice-ishness kicks in to round out the whole hit perfectly. None of the usual vanilla-ey back ground... maybe the freshness is just really green coffee beans? I dunno. As enticing as this was to me, I added then removed this from my cart for months cuz of the 30ml price; now I realize 15ml wouldn't last a week! This really is a great morning vape, & except for the caffeine, could easily be a great ADV.

    Igor B.

      something interesting, unostentatious taste

      something interesting, unostentatious taste