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MYLK by Brewell Vapory - Original

MYLK by Brewell Vapory - Original

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$ 19.99

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Deliciously condensed milk flavor.

70% VG

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Don't let that stanky smell stop you from vaping this awesome condensed milk flavor. This has been my all time fave juice. If your tired of the fruity juices out there and just want that nice sweet cream this is the one. This juice gets better and better as you hit it.


Baby Formula

I wanted to like this SO bad but when I opened the bottle and got a whiff of what was inside, my gag reflex couldn't control itself and puked a little in my mouth. Gross, I know, but true. The only way I can describe this flavor is, it tastes like baby formula or fermented milk. The bad kind your boyfriend forgets to throw away and tucks it into the back of the fridge for two weeks only for you to find it when you're preparing your big bowl of cereal only to pour the sour milk that has not yet turned into cottage cheese and take a big ol' bite of bad milk and good cereal. I love Brewell and condensed milk but this has very little condensed (sweet) milk flavor. If you like baby formula or tainted milk, go for it. If not, stay far, FAR away.