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Mr. Good Vape - Moon Sugar

Mr. Good Vape - Moon Sugar


$ 12.99 $ 8.44

Enjoy the warm flavoring found in Moon Sugar and make your day a little sweeter! This sugar cookie blend of bready butterscotch is a savory combination bound to send your tastebuds to the moon!

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Terry Herman
United States

Burnt coils quick.

This juice smelled awesome and tasted great........for about 1/4 tank. Went through 3 coils on 3/4 of a 15mil bottle and though the rest away. Might be OK on a dripper.


Smooth and light

This is a smooth hitting sauce. Tatse is a little less then expected but still a great vape product. The flavoring is a bit too light for my liking but it's still a good. t first tank I kept thinking my coil was burning, I am assuming that is the bready butterscotch, makes you think it's a bit burnt. I would like to see what it tatse like with more sugar cookie or less butterscotch. Don't get me twisted though, you can put this in your tank and forget about it. This is not a sauce that sits on the sideline.


Just Perfect!

I see there aren't many reviews for this stuff yet it's sold out.... If you haven't tried it, then you are missing out on a true masterpiece. Now I love sweet desert flavors(sugary, cream, cookie, caramel, etc) So take that into consideration. This flavor is perfectly balanced between graham cracker, sugar cookie & butterscotch. The butterscotch is not overwhelming at all like a lot of liquids. In fact I mostly taste graham cracker and sugar cookie. Mostly on the exhale. This isn't a juice you want to vape non stop for an hour. This is a juice you want to savor and not over do. You'll want to keep vaping this because it's so good but as I've experienced over the years, you can over vape a juice to the point you aren't satisfied w/ it anymore. I know I'm rambling. Moon Sugar is an incredible Juice!!!! Vape it up!


Great juice, but not the best.

I'm a butterscotch junkie and I'm hunting for a good buttersvotch juice. This is a delicious juice, don't get me wrong (I vaped it like crazy!), but to be honest it's not the best. I prefer Sugar Butt by FA-Q, but that could be the Butterscotch prude in me.

Mitch M.

Great flavor,usually buy juice in

Great flavor,usually buy juice in 6&12 mg. then mix to get 9 mg. Awesome that Mr. Good Vape has 9 mg. Ejuice.com is the only place I buy juice on line, great service and an outrageous product line to choose from.