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Flawless Juice - We Ain't Done

Flawless Juice - We Ain't Done

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$ 24.99

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Strawberry cheesecake Chimichanga covered in cinnamon sugar with a side of vanilla Bean ice cream. Truly an original combination of flavors that will fill your taste buds with satisfaction and make your friends jealous.

80% VG

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Flawless why did u do this

The liquid when I opened the container smelled like cough syrup. I only got this because this was all that was left in the shop in the flawless line. I will recommend any flawless flavor but this one. First hit I was kinda put off from it. Second hit still put off. Third hit well only thing this is good for is clearing my vape tung.

Eric Rios
United States

For me it is great!

Im pretty new to vaping, but ive tried about 15 different juices now, this has been by far my favorite. Its very smooth and the flavor is there, I knew off the bat it was strawberry cheesecake, but to me i like how it wasnt overbearing either. Thanks for a great vape!



So bought this from my local vape shop, one of their guest flavors. Running a crown tank w/ .25 ohm coil. The flavor is amazing...let me repeat that AMAZING! Creamy then sweet, very palatable. I tried this once and bought it on the spot, fantastic. Will definitely buy again and again!

Aj Toscano
United States


Every time I get a wiff of We Aint Done Yet, I HAVE to chuck a cloud of it. All day vape, no question. Give it a try!

michael otoole
United States

Its okay

I personally love the flawless line. So I had really high hopes for this, but it did not live up to my expectations. When I first dripped this flavor I got a subtle hint of cinnamon mixed with something else I could not put my finger on and on the exhale I got a strawberry flavor. By the third or fourth drip there was no more flavor and I was noticeing the juice was burning. Rebuilt and Rewicked changed the voltage output I did everything I could there was no way around it. Overall I did like the juice when I could taste it. This may be better in a low ohm tank to get pass the liquid burning