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Exalted Vapors - Unicorn Slayer

Exalted Vapors - Unicorn Slayer

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Rainbows of death descend from the sky, Unicorn slayer is here to bring his wrath. This vape will have you blowing clouds of dark rainbow candy cream.

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    What is going on with this flavor???

    So I bought this juice because I absolutely love Exalted Vapors Dark Magic. Every friend I know that vapes now buys that juice because of my recommendations. Due to how much I loved Dark Magic I decided to try their other flavors. I went with Kingslayer first. It wasn't as great as Dark Magic, but was still good, just not something I am going to purchase again. Then I unfortunately tried Unicorn Slayer... I do not understand what is going on with this flavor. It says dark rainbow candy cream. I don't get that at all. I am pretty good at picking up flavors, when I was younger I trained as a wine expert and had to train my pallet. With this juice, though, I can't pick up anything. It is slightly woody/spicy/herby, which I guess is the "dark" part of the flavor profile and I am guessing it is mostly from the pg/vg, but whatever they are calling "rainbow candy" is almost unnoticeable maybe like a 1 on a scale from 1–10. Plus there is definitely no cream flavor...I mean none...at all. Cream flavors leave a milky feeling on the tongue, this juice does not do that. Overall, unless I got a bad bottle, like the bottom of the bulk mix or something (which has happened to me before, but can usually be noticed in the thickness of the juice) this juice is awful and poorly constructed. I would definitely not recommend this juice...even for the price (which is awesome). I would recommend the other Exalted Vapes flavors, though, but this one is a FAIL!!!

    Buzz Sherman


      Good juice! Better price! 25$ for 60ml is a steal