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The CBD Experience

Hello, my name is Jose Alvarez and I am 31 years old. I am a working professional who also enjoys video games, music, and movies in my spare time, and I also enjoy international travel. I have recently started using CBD as a method to promote restfulness and to promote mental alertness in my daily life. This is my experience with CBD.

Before trying CBD, I have had difficulty staying alert during the day because of inconsistent sleeping patterns and lapses in mental alertness. This has often left me fatigued during the day and has affected my quality of life for the past two decades. In turn, this has also limited my mental alertness which is needed to accomplish daily tasks. As a working professional, I have decided to use CBD to improve restfulness as well as other quality of life factors like focus at the workplace and mental alertness.

While each user’s experience may vary depending on a number of factors including lifestyle, diet, and genetics, this is my individual experience with CBD. The product I used for this CBD experience was Just CBD Sour Worm Gummies 1000mg strength. If you may not relate to this experience, you can also check out others’ experiences with CBD at CBD and Me.

These are just some of my quality of life goals that I have targeted for the 30-day experience. You may have different goals and needs depending on your diet, lifestyle, and demographic factors.

Week One
(11/7/19 to 11/13/19)

My Goal: Better Rest

During the first day of CBD use, I immediately felt results as my sleeping patterns became more consistent. I took two gummies on the first day—one after I got home from work at around 6 pm and one right before bed at around 10 pm. My intent this week is to promote restfulness, so I generally took it at night. During the weekend, I took three a day to see if it would hold up over the entirety of a day as my body was becoming acclimated to CBD.

As I started the new work week, the effects of CBD in promoting restfulness seemed to wane which may have justified taking three edibles during the day rather than two. I experienced fatigue on the morning of 11/12/19 as I slept later than usual that night. Along with some variations in my daily routine, there are many other factors to account for when it comes to promoting restfulness. As previously mentioned, some of these factors include the time of day when CBD is consumed, one’s diet, and other lifestyle factors.

The first week of my CBD experience has been generally positive, although these factors should be taken into consideration when one starts to consume CBD on a regular basis.

Week Two
(11/14/19 to 11/20/19)

My Goal: Less Discomfort

As I mentioned before, there are lots of factors that may come into play when you choose to consume CBD. On the night of 11/13/19, I consumed two edibles right before bed. I woke up on the morning of 11/14/19 with head tension. It may have been due to eating extra greasy food the previous day. Some research shows that eating fatty or greasy foods could actually increase the absorption of CBD in the body. Although this was one point in time from my own experience, it could signal an important discovery for those on ketogenic diets. Ketogenic diets tend to have high amounts of fat (and, by association, grease). However, the science on CBD and certain types of diets should be further explored.

My goal this week was to reduce discomfort. On the night of 11/18/19, I had decided to walk home after going to my local Target. It was almost a two-mile walk and generally more than I walk in a day. I had gone to a convention three weeks prior (BlizzCon) that I have attended since 2016 and have walked great distances in one day. While not as long of a distance as the daily walks at the convention, the two miles was enough to cause major discomfort and I had to take two edibles. The discomfort persisted into the next day, 11/19/19, and even to the end of the week, 11/20/19, to the point where I had to take the CBD edibles during the day to relieve the discomfort. The discomfort is still going on although to a lesser degree. Therefore if one is to start a new exercise regimen and use CBD, one might have to start with smaller intervals of walking or exercise while using CBD to relieve discomfort.

Week Three
(11/21/19 to 11/27/19)

My Goal: Better Mental Aletrness

My goal for the CBD experiment this week is to improve mental alertness. This is an extension of the first week’s goal (improve restfulness) as more restfulness can lead to greater mental alertness. I had some difficulties with this goal from the start as I had closed out the work week feeling less alert than usual. This may be because of the change of the seasons and the (very) limited hours of sunshine. In Las Vegas, the sun sets around 4:30 pm at this time of year.

On 11/22, 11/24, and 11/25, I felt like I had met my goals for mental alertness. On other days, however, there were some issues. On 11/21, there was a lot to get done at work, and thus it could have affected my mental alertness due to the number of tasks that needed to be completed. While this did not carry on into the 22nd, I had once again encountered this on the 23rd. On 11/26 and 11/27, I had forgotten entirely to consume CBD at night as I usually did; I tended to make up for this with consumption during the day. There was a slight effect on mental alertness as a result, although this did not affect restfulness.

My findings may be limited due to the season change as well as the limited sunlight that may be necessary to improve mental alertness. This is yet another question to explore: is CBD use affected by seasonal changes? We know that seasonal changes may present new environmental threats to the immune system. Therefore, it may affect the way that CBD is consumed. CBD consumption could be affected if one works a blue-collar job such as construction, or affect individuals who work swing shifts or graveyard shifts.

While my goal was met on some days but not others, I would also like to explore whether or not seasons come into play if one takes CBD to improve mental alertness and focus. I may revisit this when winter turns into spring and the number of hours of daylight increases again.

Week Four
(11/28/19 to 12/4/19)

My Goal: Better Overall Quality of Life

Over the previous weeks, I had talked about discomfort in my feet and other areas. I purchased new shoes as well as compression socks the previous week to relieve discomfort in my feet and noticed that these supporting actions along with CBD consumption had significantly reduced discomfort in my feet. My goal in the final week of the CBD experience is to summarize the quality of life indicators I had previously mentioned in this article.

It had gotten significantly colder between the start and end of the CBD experience and the end. On Thanksgiving Day itself, 11/28, I had gone to an all-you-can-eat sushi place and had overeaten on that day. The effects of CBD on one’s diet and eating habits are very interesting to me, as it did not have the same effect that a greasy, high-fat diet did in Week 2. Instead, nothing really changed. On Friday and Saturday, nothing really changed except that I had consumed CBD throughout the day instead of at night only.

There was a noticeable change on Sunday as I had consumed greasy food at a sports bar watching an FC Barcelona game. I had a lot of discomfort in my stomach despite consuming CBD, although there were no issues regarding restfulness or alertness. On Monday (12/2), I returned to work and did plenty of warehouse work while consuming CBD. There was almost no discomfort in my feet thanks to the supplementary steps I took to reduce discomfort. These steps included wearing shorts, compression socks, and better-fitting shoes. I had seen if this would have a continued effect on Tuesday (12/3). I felt no initial discomfort working in the warehouse for around 90 minutes that day. On Wednesday (12/4), I had taken CBD in the morning, afternoon, and evening to cap off my CBD experience. I had experienced no issues with restfulness that night.

After making a few changes this week, I had learned that it is important to supplement CBD consumption with other methods that promote health and wellness. This is essential to having a quality CBD experience as there are many moving parts in the health and wellness journey.

Your experience with CBD may vary, and it is important to evaluate your overall health before you take CBD and set goals based on your health and wellness needs. There are definitely some areas I would like to explore further, such as the effects of CBD on one’s diet, the time of day CBD is taken, and the effect of weather on CBD consumption, as the experience was done during a time of transition from warmer to cooler temperatures.

Thank you for reading my CBD experience. If you have any questions for me, please use the form provided on this page.

If you have any questions regarding this experience, use the form to ask them and I will answer your questions in a timely manner regarding my own experience.

What is CBD?
CBD is a cannabinoid that’s found in the cannabis plant. Typically, commercial CBD comes from the hemp plant, a cousin to the marijuana plant. While marijuana has psychoactive properties that make a person feel high, hemp does not. Therefore, taking hemp-based CBD will not make you impaired or intoxicated.

How Much CBD Should I Take?
Start with a low dose, and carefully note how the CBD affected your body. If you didn’t notice an effect at all, you might want to use more. If the effect was just right or even a little bit overwhelming, you might have found the perfect amount to use.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?
CBD behaves differently depending on how you take it. Any substance that you inhale into your lungs enters your bloodstream almost immediately, and placing a substance under your tongue also provides rapid absorption and deployment throughout the body.

What Does CBD Feel Like?
The effect of cannabidiol is generally described as “non-intoxicating.” In some scientific literature and CBD copy, you might see CBD referred to as “non-psychoactive,” but this term can be somewhat misleading. Non-psychoactive means that a substance does not have a psychological effect whatsoever, but this can’t be said for CBD. While we can’t get into details about how CBD affects your mind, remember that the perceived psychological effects of CBD are not intoxicating, and research has indicated that cannabidiol does not have any significant side effects.

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