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Dead Presidents is a vape juice line that has stood the test of time, featuring a lineup of flavors that all speak for themselves and have created their very own following amongst fans. Their flagship flavor, Adams, combines three different kinds of melon extracts for an explosion of fruity goodness that has landed it on the top of All Day Vape(ADV) lists everywhere. If that isn’t good enough for you to want to try the line, then you can skim through the flavor profiles below and we can almost guarantee you will read something you like, and you can trust that Dead Presidents vape juice does a great job delivering it to you. Find out more about Dead Presidents vape juice by scrolling past the collection below.



Adams Vape Juice

Adams is by far the top selling flavor from the Dead Presidents line and for good reason. This delightful blend of three different succulent melons for an all around fruity burst of flavor that you have to try for yourself to believe. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a good, strong fruit flavored vape juice you can enjoy time and time again.

Washington Vape Juice

While we may argue that Washington might not be synonymous with BlueRazz Cotton Candy Lemonade for a flavor profile, we can’t argue that Washington vape juice isn’t exactly that. This delicious candy lemonade flavor combines all of these sweet and tart extracts for an unparalleled vaping experience that will entice your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth. If you like fruity or candy flavored vape juice and a lot of flavor, you will find an easy choice in Washington.

Jackson Vape Juice

Dead Presidents vape juice also do cereal and dessert flavors, and what dessert line would be incomplete without a glazed doughnut. Jackson vape juice sports a flavor profile of a blueberry infused glazed doughnut, making that fried dough and sugary glaze pop with every burst of blueberry flavor. An ideal choice for anyone looking for a new dessert flavor that knows just how delicious the Dead Presidents vape juice line can be.

Jefferson Vape Juice

Jefferson is another example of how well the Dead Presidents vape juice line has put together a well rounded lineup. This flavor sports a reminiscent fruity cereal from your childhood drenched in gooey marshmallow for a burst of sugary sweetness among notes of delicious fruit flavors. Perfect for anyone who enjoys sweet fruit flavors in their vape juice.

Lincoln Vape Juice

Combining another two interesting flavors, Lincoln comes in with an interesting flavor profile that blends both cream, melon, and berries for a decadent sweet fruity experience on every drag. You won’t be able to put this one down once you try it, so make sure you’re ready to go through an entire bottle.

Roosevelt Vape Juice

Last but not least, we have one of our personal favorites from the Dead Presidents vape juice line, Roosevelt. This juice emulates one of the most popular flavors in the industry, strawberry watermelon hard candy, and it does it just right. Every puff you take is like running your taste buds over that hard candy you have tucked away in your cheek so you can savor it, only you get to enjoy this without any of the calories to worry about.



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