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New Products (5/30 - 6/3)

Long weekend = short work week! Here are some of that new new for this week. Be sure you place an order on some ejuice for the weekend. 

Skits eLiquid - Original
The rainbow flavors that we all fell in love with growing up


Skits eLiquid - Dessert
A hand full of Skits with a Creamy Twist


Tug Lyfe - Still Sippin'
Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade


Dream - #11 Dulce Dream
Sweet and earthy, Dulce Dream celebrates Dream™’s passion for layering handpicked flavors into a quality blend, inspired by the next generation of vapers. A generous mix of golden honeyed caramel and sugar-roasted hazelnuts is topped with white chocolate and infused with rich, fine vanilla, elements that call to mind a timeless flavor that's sure to be a classical addition for every vaper.


Troublemint - Pink Lemonade Gum
Indulge your tastebuds with the refreshing taste of sweet pink lemonade mixed with a light spearmint gum finish.


Troublemint - Sour Apple Gum
Set your taste buds on a journey with a mouthwatering sour apple fused with a fresh spearmint gum exhale.


Fate - Maiz Dulce
Sweet-cream covered corn cake with a light caramel syrup finished with a generous scoop of Mexican vanilla bean ice cream.

  • Kristin Davey

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