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Who Uses CBD And How?

Who Uses CBD And How?

We previously covered what CBD was on Now, we’re going to cover who uses it and how people use it. Adults use CBD for a variety of reasons, and it is largely dependent on your needs and preferences.

Who Uses CBD?

CBD users often give a variety of purposes for their CBD use. However, the majority of these reports can fit into three common categories: reducing discomfort, promoting relaxation, and supporting restfulness. There are people from all walks of life that are looking for a product that can aid in any (or all) of these categories. You can buy legitimate CBD products at

Here are some profiles of fictional individuals who may be interested in CBD products.


Who Uses CBD and How - Amanda

Fictional Profile: Amanda

Amanda is a 27-year-old young professional who has recently relocated to San Francisco, California from Boise, Idaho for work. She works for a public relations firm, Business Pal, that has multiple Fortune 500 companies as clients. In her role as a junior account representative, she often speaks to individuals with plenty of pull in those companies. She works a typical 9 am to 5 pm day but is relatively new in her position and does not have much experience, although she reports that her coworkers and manager are friendly and supportive. Due to her lack of experience, Amanda finds her job somewhat nerve-racking, especially since her employer is trying to land a new client that is willing to pay top dollar for results.

Why could Amanda use CBD? Work-life stressors are often a reality for young professionals like Amanda. Many CBD users report using CBD to calm down and relax after a tense day at the office. Amanda can incorporate CBD into her busy lifestyle every day with products such as CBD edibles and CBD drinks. Many people in Amanda’s office already use CBD products. In fact, James, the CEO of Business Pal, has an active presence on social media and talks about CBD a lot on his personal social media accounts.


Who Uses CBD and How - Kevin

Fictional Profile: Kevin

Kevin is a 42-year-old long-haul truck driver from Dallas, Texas. Although Kevin spends much of his workday sitting behind the wheel of a big rig, he loves nature and is an avid hiker. Kevin has set a personal goal to hike the 96 mile Lone Star Hiking Trail before he turns 45. He is married to his wife, 40-year-old Katie, who is a working professional in the IT industry, and they have two daughters: 14-year-old Andrea and 7-year-old Rachel. Kevin also has an older dog, Champ, a Siberian Husky who formerly belonged to his late father who passed away four years ago. With much of Kevin’s time spent with his family and working, finding time to train for the Lone Star Hike is difficult. Kevin has also reported achy muscles and general soreness that typically comes with training for a long-distance hike.  

Why could Kevin use CBD? Several of Kevin’s friends have talked to him about CBD, and recently he decided to give it a try. Kevin’s increasing muscle tenderness could prompt him to use CBD creams or consumable CBD products such as CBD candy that he can bring with him on his hikes. Kevin’s Siberian Husky, Champ, lucked out—there’s CBD for pets as well!


Who Uses CBD and How - Debbie

Fictional Profile: Debbie

Debbie is a 70-year-old retired nurse from Alexandria, Virginia. She is married to her 72-year-old husband, Alan, who worked in the financial sector for 43 years until his retirement in 2017. Alan still does part-time work as a financial advisor. She recently retired as a nurse manager at a large local hospital, serving in that role for the last 19 years of her career. Overall, she has been a nurse for 45 years, working as one from 1973 to 2018. She has worked in many units throughout her nursing career, including the emergency department, primary care, and other specialist roles. 

While Debbie has been aware of CBD products throughout her career, she has not used them personally. Debbie’s five adult children have used CBD at varying times. For example, her oldest child, 41-year-old son Matthew, takes CBD to help with an achy back that started back when he played football. Debbie has worked 12-hour shifts even at an advanced age. As a result, she returned home with very sore feet due to her occupation.

Why could Debbie use CBD? This is a unique position because of Debbie’s situation with foot soreness and her position as a retired nurse who may be using CBD for the first time. Debbie can personally use CBD for her sore feet. CBD capsules may be most efficient with Debbie as she is likely used to this form of intake.

What methods do you use when consuming CBD? Would you recommend it to family and friends? If you want to see the stories of people who have used CBD, you can head over to CBD and Me. Let us know in the comments below!
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