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What is the Process of Steeping?

What is the Process of Steeping?

-Authored by Randi Sprintis


When you hear the word “steeping” you might think of the process to make coffee or tea. Basically, steeping is the act of soaking a solid in a liquid, normally water, to bring a flavor forward. Of course, defining the steeping process doesn’t exactly help us understand how it’s associated with vape juice. Even seasoned vapers are a bit surprised when they hear that steeping is actually something that you can do to enhance your vaping experience.

That’s because the term is somewhat confusing. First of all, e-liquid is a liquid, not a solid, so why exactly would it be considered steeping? Great question! Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer for why the vape industry decided to stick with this term. It’s more like an aging process than a steeping process. But, there’s no turning back now! Steeping it is! Below we explore why we steep and how to steep.

Why Would You Steep?

The reason why people steep their vape juice is simply that it tastes better. It’s like waiting until the right time to open a bottle of wine. If you do it too soon, you might miss out on the tasting notes it was meant to reveal. It’s the same for vape juice. If you’re making e-liquid at home, steeping is not an option, it’s absolutely necessary. If you don’t steep your DIY e-liquid, it will give off a harsh and chemical-like taste. Those who skip this step won’t stick with making their own e-juice for very long. After a few uses, they’ll wonder why they even tried to do it in the first place. While steeping is primarily necessary for making e-liquid yourself, you can also steep professionally blended e-liquid you bought online or in a store.

The good news is, commercially bought e-liquid has already been steeped for you. The second it’s bottled and set on a shelf inside a store or a storage facility, the steeping process begins. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t benefit from further steeping after you purchase it. If you happen to notice an astringent taste from a pre-made e-juice, don’t hesitate to steep it yourself for a bit. The idea behind steeping is to bring about the flavor, so it can’t hurt either way. Some vapers will recommend steeping certain flavors over others, but overall most can benefit from the process.

How Do You Steep?

Steeping e-juice takes a lot of patience. The entire concept behind steeping is waiting. Remember, we’re actually aging the e-juice, not exactly steeping — from the chemistry class perspective. Find a dark place to store the e-liquid so it’s not exposed to any light or warmth.

You want this to be at a room temperature or cooler. Cigar boxes are great for the steeping process if you have access to one. If not, a drawer or on a shelf in a cabinet will do just fine. Keep the e-juice there for an extended period of time. Giving the bottle a shake every now and again will help speed up the process.

How Long Do You Steep?

The length of time that you steep the e-liquid is determined by the flavor and your particular sense of taste. Some flavors require more time than others. A good rule of thumb is to remember that fruity flavors don’t need nearly as much time as other flavors. Creamy dessert flavors, like vanilla, cotton candy, or marshmallow, need to steep for much longer. Tobacco flavors are also famous for needing a steady steep that’s significantly longer than others as well.

Of course, taste can be subjective. One week of steeping may be great for you, while other vapers may want two weeks with the same e-liquid flavor. Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that steeping an e-liquid properly will not harm it. If you’re interested in bringing out the best in your vape juice, steeping is highly recommended.

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