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Vaping and the Coronavirus

March 13, 2020

Vaping and the Coronavirus

COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus, has swept the world by storm. Hardware manufacturers in China have all but ceased producing vape hardware, crippling the world’s supply of vape hardware. Countries such as South Korea, Italy, Iran, and the United States have been overrun by new coronavirus cases. Italy was the first country to go into total lockdown and quarantine on March 9, 2020. Here are some things you can do as a vaper to combat coronavirus.

Examine the Hype

The coronavirus has been a hot news item for a while, and the media has attempted to warn vapers off of vaping because of the coronavirus. While the industry is on notice because of hardware manufacturing issues in China as previously mentioned, the misinformation campaign is well underway in the United States, as people are hoarding essentials such as toilet paper, as well as items such as masks and hand sanitizer. Misinformation about the coronavirus is being spread on social media, much like misinformation about vaping.


A well-informed individual may want to examine the hype around vaping and the coronavirus. Since vaping directly affects the respiratory system, one could easily create a negative association between vaping and the coronavirus. However, we believe it is important that you examine the hype rather than jump to a conclusion. Public health officials around the United States and even New York City mayor Bill de Blasio are encouraging people to quit vaping.  There is still not enough evidence on whether or not vaping will affect the disease progression or the infection rate of coronavirus.

Don’t Share Vapes

This may go without saying for anything in particular—don’t share drinks, food, etc. with people in public areas. Don’t share vapes with anyone as coronavirus can be transmitted through cough droplets as well as unsanitary conditions. If you’re using another person’s vape and they aren’t fans of cleaning it, the chances of contamination with the coronavirus significantly increases.

Vape In Private

You might want to try out the latest eJuices and hardware with your friends, but is it really worth risking getting the coronavirus? As much as possible, you might want to vape in private—the privacy of your own room or in a secluded area indoors (if possible) or outside. Some states and jurisdictions may prohibit indoor vaping entirely, so make sure you know your local and state laws regarding vaping.

Clean Your Vape Stuff

This is another common-sense tip: clean your devices! Over time, your tank may get dirty and so may the point of contact between you and your vape device. Clean those especially well! Use a Q-tip soaked in propylene glycol or distilled water to clean the inside of your tank. If you need to be thorough, you can also take apart your mod and coils and clean each piece separately in warm water, and dry them accordingly. Make sure you clean your devices and your eJuice bottles on a regular basis!

Wash Your Hands

While you should be doing this regardless of the coronavirus, this is especially important if you are using a variety of eJuices throughout the day, or if you share eJuice bottles with your roommates or significant others. Make sure you use hand sanitizer or soap to effectively reduce the risk of spreading disease.

Have you seen any change in your own vaping behavior because of the coronavirus? Share your experiences with us below!

4 Responses

Cindy Jordan
Cindy Jordan

April 13, 2020

I really wish people would stop all the negativity about vaping. I haven’t smoked cigarettes in over a year thanks to vaping and I feel so much better! There are always going to be haters and people with there opinions. Thank goodness we can ignore them and keep on living our life the way we want to.

Ledora Tighe
Ledora Tighe

April 13, 2020

I have seen no changes with my vaping. I clean mine but you can clean coils. Once they get wet they won’t work. I tried that when I was running short so I could reuse them. It won’t work. I vape in my home and car and outside around my house. Nowhere else. I use only the tobacco flavor


April 24, 2020

If we can’t get coils we won’t be able to vape anyway, will we?

dexter king
dexter king

April 13, 2020

yes I am vaping more due to stress and im running low waiting on a order now hoping i dont run out before it gets here and to pass along some i started doing that may help others. wipe down everything you bring into your home from a store or in the mail. im not taking no chances. i enjoying vaping it helps and dont want anything to stop me from doing.

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