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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vape Breakfast Classics: French Dude Review

Vape Breakfast Classics: French Dude Review

Vape Breakfast French Dude review

First off let me state this juice was one of the first juices that I tasted and knew it was one of my favorites. For the dessert lovers out there, this juice is a must buy. I don’t usually promote a product until the overview but the flavor is just phenomenal.

French Dude vape juice has a great inhale with the thick flavor of french toast on the initial inhale. The middle of the flavor is nice, creamy with the accent of whipped cream, and a very slight blueberry flavor. On the exhale all flavors are evenly mixed but the french toast is predominant in the flavor. I don’t normally like blueberry anything but Vape Breakfast Classics uses a concentrate that blueberry taste like after its cooked in muffins. So take a blueberry muffin mix the blueberry flavor you have from that and mix it with French toast and a splash of whipped cream and that's the flavor profile of this vape juice. I would rate the flavor at a 9 out of 10. This flavor is just rich and comfy. Its an All Day Vape (ADV) flavor or something good to have in the morning with your coffee. 9 / 10

Cloud Production:
The clouds you get on this vape juice is exactly as you would expect from a 70vg / 30pg. I get big decent clouds from a subohm tank, but I get nice and thick clouds from an RDA and RTA. I prefer rebuildables however if I am lazy that day or everything needs to be rebuilt I will grab a sub ohm tank. Personal opinion rebuildables are the way to go even if you have to order prebuilt coils. I order some different builds from a guy who makes them professionally and the flavor and clouds are out of this world. The setup of your vape is what helps determine the flavor and clouds just as much as your juice does. I would give it a 7 out of 10 for clouds. What holds it back from a 10 is competing against thicker liquids like 80 vg or max vg. 7 / 10

My overall opinion of Vape Breakfast French Dude is that its a perfect All Day Vape (ADV) juice. The flavor is outstanding from the initial inhale to the last drop. I first started vaping this juice only in the morning but it paired well with everything throughout the day so it quickly became my All Day Vape (ADV). The fullness of the flavor, as well as the cloud production, makes this juice one of my favorites. I would rate this juice at an 8/10. I have yet found a 10 out of 10 juice, so this rating is one of the highest that I will give. I could (and have) vaped this juice til the bottom is dry in the bottle. I order this juice on regular rotation through This is a high recommendation to anybody who likes dessert or breakfast vapes that arent cereal. 8 / 10

Authored By: wroozen99

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