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Top 5 Underappreciated Flavor Profiles

August 30, 2019

Top 5 Underappreciated Flavors

The eJuices.com team has always given every flavor a chance. While some flavors are extremely popular, others have flown under the radar. We could chalk it up to personal preferences and end the article right here, but here are some of our picks for underappreciated flavor profiles.


Soft Drink
Is it pop, soda, or Coke? The slang term for a soft drink is different depending on where you live. Southerners prefer the term Coke. The Midwest, Great Plains, and Pacific Northwest prefer pop. The Northeast, California, (strangely) the cities of St. Louis and Milwaukee (who are squarely in “pop” territory), and the vicinity around the eJuices.com offices prefer to call it soda. The popularity of soft drinks will always be there, despite people finding alternatives to quench their thirst.



The eJuices.com team has to go with soft drink flavors as one of the flavors that fly under the radar. Ruthless eJuice - Grape Drank is one of the most popular soft drink flavors on eJuices.com. eJuices.com customers such as Jason T. (who lives where they call it “pop”) says, “Love this juice. eJuices.com always delivers fast and cheap.”



Peanut-flavored eJuice is usually bundled in with another flavor, which is why you probably don’t see many (if at all any) standalone peanut eJuices. Still, people can taste the peanut when they take a hit from their vape device. But what makes peanut so underappreciated? Is it because it’s the unsung hero when it comes to eJuices? We decided to investigate a bit further.



The eJuices.com staff chose peanut because it tends to be part of (yet a crucial) factor in a variety of eJuices. Kings Crest Reserve Premium E-Liquid - Don Juan Reserve puts together chocolate, pecan pie, graham cracker, and whipped cream in a single eJuice. What are eJuices.com customers saying? Pepper says, “The yummiest! I’ve been vaping this for at least 2 or 3 years. Since I’ve been vaping this, it’s impossible to find anything that measures up to this flavor.”



Maple Syrup
A hearty breakfast usually consists of eggs, bacon, and a hearty stack of pancakes overflowing with butter and maple syrup. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s a popular flavor. However, it often gets overshadowed by the medley of fruit flavors you can find on eJuices.com, despite ranking among our top sellers.



Vape Breakfast Classics - French Dude consists of french toast topped with blueberry, whipped cream, and maple syrup. It also happens to be one of the most popular maple syrup flavors out there today. eJuices.com customers like Krystal have nothing but positive things to say about this flavor. “This is by far one of my favorite French Toast brands. I definitely would buy this juice again! The flavor is smooth and isn’t overly powerful.”



Did you know that honey is one of the few foods that never expires? That means we can eat honey that was made thousands of years ago (as archaeologists did when they discovered it in an Egyptian tomb), or we can prepare batches of honey for future generations (or aliens if they decide to visit). It also happens to be the title of a 1997 Mariah Carey song.


Since it never expires, it’s probably the perfect flavor for an eJuice. The eJuices.com team searched far and wide for a honey-flavored eJuice and found that P.O.E.T Electronic Nectar - Sweet Honey Cream fit our criteria. At the end of the day, what really matters is what eJuices.com customers have to say about the products. Sandra S. says, “Beautiful. Delicious. Can vape all day everyday.”



You take them after meals to downplay the strong flavors in something you ate. You take them so you won’t have bad breath when you go out on a date. It’s also used to describe collectible cards in great condition. Mint is one of those unsung heroes in life. Mint eJuice flavors were a natural next step. However, sometimes we don’t realize that amidst the thousands of flavors of eJuice that we offer on eJuices.com.


Hot Boyz Vapor - Mint Condition is essentially a candy cane flavor and falls under the mint category. eJuices.com customers have positive things to say about mint-flavored eJuices. Catherine D. says, “I smoke nothing but this juice! I am so glad that they decided to keep it in stock after Christmas!”



If you want to show some love for these flavors, you can get 30% off* the aforementioned flavors by using the code underdog on eJuices.com with a minimum spend of $15. What are some of your favorite yet unheralded eJuice flavors? The eJuices.com team always seeks your feedback. We’ll be featuring more Top 5 lists on eJuices.com, so check back for more!

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