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Top 5 E-Juices to pair with a drink

March 19, 2019

Top 5 E-Juices to pair with a drink

We have another top five in store for you with a rather unique theme that we hope you’ll enjoy. The top 5 flavors to vape with their paired drink.

We will start off with number 5 which will be paired with a fine red wine. If you’re letting off some steam on the weekend and pour yourself a glass, we’ve chosen a fine fruit flavor to compliment the taste. Ruthless eJuice - Grape Drank is a mouth watering combination of grape flavored candy and a grape infused soda. You can never have too much grape when it comes to a wine night, and we think this is a perfect fusion of flavors to take your night to the next level.

Number 4 is going to be our energy drink pairing. Whether you’re charging up to compete on your next run, or just trying to beat the fatigue during a night of gaming, we know your next energy drink fueled day will go great with a bottle of Buckshot Vapors - Hard Candy. This simple sweet tart flavored juice will follow up nicely after a swig of your favorite energy drink. Traditionally these drinks come in very strong sweet almost tart candy flavors, so a quick hit of this vape will help your taste buds savor that last sip with even more sweetness than you could hope for.

On to number 3, and what kind of drink pairing list could be complete without finding something for the beer drinkers out there. While you’re enjoying this refreshing beverage responsibly, we suggest you try taking a hit of VGOD Tricklyfe E-Liquid - Cubano . So pop open a brewski and fill up your tank with this smooth Cuban Cigar flavor with a hint of creamy vanilla will have you contemplating which tastes better, the vape or the beer.

We know we have a lot of coffee drinkers out there, so for number 2 we’re going to surprise you with our top flavor to match up with that morning cup of joe. This may be a bit of an upset, as we actually have two flavors in a tie for the spot of best coffee pairing, so we’ll let you decide which one appeals more. The first flavor is Basix Series By Glas E-Liquid - Blueberry Cake , A warm rich vanilla cake with fresh blueberries and sweet buttercream, so you can have your cake and vape it too. The second flavor is Milkshake Liquids - Breezy Shake , A deliciously sweet strawberry milkshake flavor, perfect for pairing with that rich morning java. We can’t decide which one pairs better, so give them each a try and decide for yourself!

We know you’re wondering what our top flavor pair is going to be, and you may be surprised to find Orange Juice as our number one. First off we would like to start with a small warning, if you are drinking orange juice, do your best to stay away from vaping a strong menthol flavor. Ever drink orange juice just after brushing your teeth? It’s the same thing, so be careful to avoid it. Our number one pairing with a fresh cup of OJ is going to be Naked 100 By Schwartz - Lava Flow . Nothing pairs better with a sweet tart sip of fresh orange juice like an even more sweet and tart vape like Lava Flow, a powerful combination of fresh strawberries, coconut, and pineapple, for a delightfully fruity experience that will have you looking forward to that first sip and vape in the morning.

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