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The CBD Experience: One Year Update

November 09, 2020

The CBD Experience: One Year Update

One year ago, the eJuices.com team decided to create an authentic CBD experience. You can check out what CBD is here , or who uses CBD here . Over a year of consistent CBD usage, here are some trends that we noticed and any sort of major changes that happened during the CBD experience. eJuices.com’s Jose Alvarez documents all the major changes made during the one-year anniversary of the CBD experience.

What Changed?

There are numerous ways to consume CBD. As the CBD Experience went on, vape and edibles were the two main methods of consumption. More recently, I added topicals to help relieve discomfort in my legs. In addition, the tolerance for CBD increased to the point that the same dosage was having less of an effect. While restfulness significantly improved, there were also other factors to consider. I learned that in some cases, especially when it comes to discomfort, there may be an “as needed” use for CBD as well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also disrupted many of our daily lives. While it didn’t change the way I consumed CBD, it did disrupt many routines we were used to doing. It is possible that regular CBD use may have mitigated certain stressors such as the morning commute. The lack of in-person social interaction may have also had an effect, although it may have not played a major factor in how CBD is consumed.

Advice on Using CBD: What I Learned

Like all things, there should be consistency. You should schedule your CBD intake at certain times. I scheduled CBD intake before I went to bed because I wanted to promote restfulness, but as I branched out into using other forms of CBD, there may also be “as needed” use, such as topicals to relieve discomfort. 

There is no right or wrong way to consume CBD, but you should establish a routine and also plan “as needed” use in addition to your regular routine to improve your quality of life. For example, if you are taking capsules, make sure you take them around the same time each day. By creating your own CBD experience, you should establish your quality of life goals, the method of consuming CBD that is best for you (i.e. topicals for discomfort) and keep a consistent routine.

Have you improved your quality of life with CBD? Let us know!

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