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State of Vape: The Hunt for Cheap eJuice

July 28, 2020

State of Vape: The Hunt for Cheap eJuice

The eJuices.com team has a simple mission: the best eJuices at the best prices. While we won’t be featuring anything like the $50 Cuties by Moku Oyatsu eLiquid , there are plenty of cheap eJuice products out there that we want to talk about. There are two ways you can find cheap eJuice: the cheapest bottle overall and the cheapest per milliliter (ml). To find out the price per ml, just divide the dollar amount by the ml to give you the price per ml. For example, a 100ml bottle of eJuice that costs around $10 will be $0.10 per ml. That’s a pretty cheap eJuice!


Cheapest Overall

You can find a bottle of Kilo eLiquids Standard Series - Peach for a mere $3.20 available in 30ml bottles in our markdowns section on eJuices.com. Fruit flavors are the most popular eJuice flavors. Many eJuice manufacturers large and small manufacture at least one fruit eJuice. Cheap eJuice and fruit? Throw a few of these in your cart and you’ll be set for a while at bargain prices. This juice will run you about $0.11 per ml.



Cheapest per ml

If you’re looking for a better value and want to pay less per mL, we have Ethos Crispy Treat - Apple Crispy Treat also in our markdowns section for only $5.32 at 60 ml. At only $0.09 per ml, you’re really getting a great deal on this combination of rice cereal, green apple, and marshmallow!

Our Advice

Finding the cheapest eJuice overall may save you money, but what we value here at eJuices.com is you get the best deal at the best price. Finding a cheap eJuice price per ml may cost a bit more can save you money in the long run. You may even find a new favorite eJuice as you browse our markdowns section, and there are many flavors to choose from. That being said, happy vaping, and may you find cheap eJuice on eJuices.com.

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