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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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15% Off All Coils - Code: CoilMe - Ends June 14th

Starter Kits Available April 2017

 The team at eJuices and eLiquid have launched  inexpensive, efficient, easy-to-use e Cig starter kits that make the jump from traditional cigarettes to vaporizers a smooth one. All kits come with the basics parts necessary to get your e Cig up and running, and are accompanied with instructions on how to use the content within, making it easy to pick up a basic starter kit and begin the transition of a lifetime!

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely taken the first step in quitting traditional smoking. “Vaping is a blessing in our family and hopefully will have saved me from further damage to my lungs by the thousands of carcinogens in cigarettes.” Kelly, a participant in e’s “My Vaping Story,” claims. In recent years, vaping and e-cigs have taken the world by storm. While traditional cigarette smokers have struggled in the past using methods such as the patch, nicotine gum and other quick fixes to avoid quitting “cold turkey,” vaping allows people to adjust their eLiquid and nicotine levels--a sophisticated way of taking the edge off and personalizing their journey towards being cigarette-free.

Basic Kit: Though it’s labeled as “basic,” this does not mean that this kit is any less efficient than others. What this kit contains relies primarily on your current smoking habits and how much you’re willing to spend, but typically it comes with an e-cig battery, an atomizer or clearomizer, and a USB charging lead. All you need to add is eLiquid!  




MY VON ERL Cigalike:  Included in the My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit: 1 x My VON ERL. Vaporizer E-Cigarette (with a 350mAh battery), 1 x  VON ERL. Classic eLiquidpod (Tabak flavour 18mg/ml), 1 x USB battery charger, and 1 x Manual. The great vaping performance of an e-cigarette combined with the modern design of a cigalike. The 350 mAh battery guarantees a great vaping performance. Just plug it in using the provided USB cable, and recharge.

The My Von Erl is sold out but you might want to try a similar device, like the Boulder - Rock.




PHIX Vaporizer: PHIX By Major League Vapers, delicious flavors crafted by Brewell MFG (Starter Kit includes 1 single pod of Original Blend Tobacco + PHIX battery + charger). The PHIX Starter Kit by MLV is a true closed loop system with a 280mAh internal battery. This starter kit holds a 1.5ml eLiquid pod with 5% nicotine by weight with a resistance of about 1.4ohm to 1.5ohm with 400-400 puffs per pod. The PHIX has a 3.7V output wattage and at a full charge has approximately 220 puffs per charge.




ENVII Closed System Device:  This revolutionary eLiquid closed system device is the only device on the market that has both a puff sensor as well as a fire button. This ensures users of all different vaping styles will enjoy the FITT above any other closed system device available.  Features: Compact design, 650mAh battery life, comes with 4 x 3.2ml pre filled e Liquid cartridges, a micro USB charging port and a micro USB cable. It clips on keychains and is incredibly user friendly.

The ENVII Closes System is sold out but you might want to try a similar device, like the Aspire Breeze.


Important Questions to Ask Before You Get Started

•           How often do I smoke?

•           Do I plan to smoke strictly within my own home, or outside?

•           How many batteries will I need?

•           What accessories will I need?

Additional Factors

A standard 650 mAh battery may not last you all day, based on how much you vape. Consider purchasing a 900 mAh, a bigger battery with a longer life. If you want to avoid purchasing a bigger battery (as larger batteries comes longer in lengths and diameters), try purchasing a secondary battery, instead.  Also, keep in mind that charging is a factor. If you’re smoking out of your home, consider purchasing an in car charger, or an additional USB you can plug into your computer/workspace. Be sure to ONLY use these chargers for e-cigs, as using these for other electronics is hazardous.


How Much You’ll Save:

One of the best parts about making the switch is how much you’ll save. Refilling your cartomizer is quick, easy and cheap. A single ml of eLiquid is enough to fill an average tank. How much eJuice you need relies solely upon how much you smoke and the intensity of the draws you’re taking. On average, a half a pack of cigarettes equates to 1 ml of eJuice.


A pack of cigarettes costs, on average, between $6 to $8 in the United States. If you happen to live in New York, it can cost you up to $12.85. A carton usually costs between $55 to $65. If you smoke two packs a day, you can spend up to $75 a week on cigarettes! Here’s how you can enjoy over $1,500 in savings annually, while still maintaining your daily habit.

•           A 10ml bottle of eLiquid roughly costs $6.99, so a pack of traditional cigarettes equals $1.40 in vapor

•           A 30ml bottle of eLiquid priced at $19.99 equals $1.32 per pack

•           A 50ml bottle of eLiquid means a person with a pack-a-day habit is down to $1.20

Changing Lives

Sariya, who hasn't touched a cigarette in three years, slowly altered her nicotine levels using a eLiquid vaporizer, “I started with a 18mg eJuice and now am between 3-6mg after 3 years of not smoking. It has become not only a source of increased confidence (less acne, less illnesses, and less SMELL), it's also become a hobby and something I can use to bond with other people.” The bond that the vaping community has is a strong one, but the bonds of ex-smokers-turned-vapers are even stronger, because of the incredible impact on their everyday lives. Sandy, an ex smoker and current vape enthusiast, sheds light on how vaping changed her life. “I have since lost my smoker's cough and my complexion looks much healthier. My skin tone in my face has dramatically improved. People tell me I look healthier and I definitely feel better.”


Other than curbing the cravings, eCigs go a long way in social situations where smoking traditional cigarettes may be frowned upon. “I work in a job that requires a lot of face to face meetings and let's face it, cigarettes and smokers stink,” says Sandy, “I don't have to worry about my clothes/breath smelling like smoke at meetings.” Vaping allows smokers to customize their nicotine levels and flavors to their preference, avoid the withdrawal that comes from immediately quitting, and ultimately take control of their own destiny.

Transitioning from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs? Any one of our starter kits at eJuices or eLiquid can make all the difference by providing you with everything you need upfront, making your leap to the community, culture and science of vaping a smooth one.


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