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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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15% Off Your Order - Code: Father15 - Ends June 17th - Happy Dads Day
NEW Geek Bar Pulse X!!!

NEW Geek Bar Pulse X!!!

Geek Bar has unveiled the latest iteration of the Pulse. The Pulse X is the brand's newly designed disposable and now ready for purchase. Let's explore this newly released model in their lineup of disposables.


The recently redesigned Geek Bar Pulse X features a patented new look with the world's first "3D curved screen", maintaining a familiar body mold but enhancing the device's sleek appearance. The screen will now take up a good 40-50 percent of the overall disposable. The display will feature a constellation graphic on both sides of the disposable, retaining original elements like the battery and juice level indicator. Includes USB-C charging port and adjustable airflow at the base.


Overall the performance might remain consistent because they continue to feature a dual mesh coil and dual core design. Geek Bar has upped the puff count to 25k in standard mode and 15k in pulse mode, which can be activated by adjusting the air flow at the base. The longevity of the Geek Bar Pulse X will increase thanks to the rise in puff count.


Geek Bar has unveiled a 15-flavor lineup, offering a wide range of options including popular flavors for testing the device. A few exciting upcoming flavors include lime berry orange, banana taffy freeze, grapefruit refresher, raspberry peach lime, and lemon heads. Despite being new, Geek Bar consistently delivers impressive flavors. 


Following the Geek Bar Pulse X test, it is evident that the device excels in aesthetics, flavors, and performance. Maintaining pace with consumer demand may prove critical, as observed in the prior model. If these disposables gain popularity, it is important to maintain their quality, especially regarding defect rates. Brands often struggle to uphold quality and supply when they become popular. To test out this new model please see the link below:

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