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DOGS OF EJUICES.COM: Tank CEO Billy Wilson is at the top of all things here at, and he also happens to be a huge fan of dogs. Billy’s dog, Tank (formerly Plank), has had a rough upbringing, but Tank is currently living his best life with him and the staff here at

Pit bulls are often unethically bred to be fighting dogs and have gotten a bad rap in today’s society as a result. We all know the story about former NFL star Michael Vick being at the center of a dog fighting ring involving pit bulls. Even current California governor Gavin Newsom once proposed to ban pit bulls as pets during his tenure as San Francisco mayor. Pit bulls’ reputation is slowly (but surely) improving, and they are among the most loving and affectionate dogs once you get to know them.

Tank was born and raised in Barstow, California. He was used to raise other fighting dogs, but when he could no longer fight, he was sent to a kill shelter. The amazing team at The Barking Lot in El Cajon, California, rescued Tank and he had another chance at life and a chance to find a loving forever home.


Billy began to look for a rescue dog in the summer of 2015 that he could bring to the office. He stumbled across The Barking Lot during his search. That is when Billy met Tank and the wonderful team at The Barking Lot. Billy then drove 90 minutes to El Cajon to meet him. Billy and Tank instantly became best friends, although there would be some growing pains ahead.

According to Billy, Tank was afraid to come into the house due to his past. In addition, Tank was never trained, so it would be a challenge for Billy and Tank. But that was a challenge they faced together, and after much love and effort, Tank settled in and became Billy’s best friend. He can be found sleeping or patrolling the halls here at the offices, looking for scraps of food or just running around to burn off energy. Tank also gained a new family in the form of the staff, and we are very fortunate to have him in our lives.

What are some of Billy’s favorite e-Juices? He has a preference for XXX by Chain Vapez e-Juice. For the entire month of August, we’re doing a promo where you can get 15% off when you spend $40 or more when you use the code pupper, 25% off when you spend $60 or more when you use the code doggo, and 35% off when you spend $80 or more when you use the code woofer.

On that note, did you know that according to an online study by the website Dognition, pit bulls are actually among the least aggressive common dog breeds? Is your dog a rescue? We’ll be featuring more of our staff members’ dogs in Dogust, so check back for more content!




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