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BRAND OVERVIEW: Halcyon Vapors

September 03, 2019


The eJuices.com team is always interested in something new and unusual. That’s why when we saw Halcyon Vapors in the eJuices.com warehouse, we decided that it may be worth a try. Fast forward, and Halcyon Vapors is among the best selling eJuice collections on the site. Many of the flavors were inspired by Far East culture. Bringing that to American shores will give eJuices.com customers a new vaping experience.


Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch'i

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch’i
Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch’i is a fruity eJuice that has been around for several years—it’s even a staple in the eJuices.com office. It consists of dragonfruit and pomegranate flavors along with lychee accents, which are fruits that originate in the Far East.

eJuices.com customers have given their seal of approval to this eJuice. Mike says, “My all-time favorite!!! This juice is the best. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!” Another eJuices.com buyer, Edward R., says, “I keep a 100ml bottle on hand at ALL times! Dragon Ch’i is the perfect e-juice.”


Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch’i

Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch’i
Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch’i is another offering from the Halcyon Vapors collection. With sweetened cranberry and lychee accents, this has also become a fast favorite among fans of Halcyon Vapors and eJuices.com customers in general.

What do customers have to say about this eJuice? Jeff says, “I really like this juice, especially considering the price point. Great smooth flavor. Good all-day vape.” It also caught the critical eye of another eJuices.com customer. Suzanne H. says, “I’m not big on experimenting with new juice that I can’t sample in a store. I could vape it all day long.”


Halcyon Vapors - Apach’i

Halcyon Vapors - Apach’i
What exactly is Halcyon Vapors - Apach’i ? It’s a blend of apricot, peach, and other Halcyon Vapors undertones. While the third flavor remains a mystery, one thing isn’t—the fact that eJuices.com customers enjoy this flavor.

Troy J. says, “Great juice, not overly sweet. Doesn’t seem to burn out my coils as fast.” Katie says, “I’ve ordered it 4 times now and I’m actually waiting for my 5th bottle! Clean juice, doesn’t burn my coils, seems to last for about three weeks for me that I vape almost all day every day.”


Now that you’ve seen what eJuices.com and their customers have had to say about this brand, we’d like to offer you 15% off any Halcyon Vapors product with a minimum spend of $15. Just use the code halcyon15 at checkout. This deal ends on 9/4/19 at 11:59 pm PST!

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