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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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15% Off Your Order - Code: Father15 - Ends June 17th - Happy Dads Day
Best Smok Pods for Nic Salts

Best Smok Pods for Nic Salts

Nic Salt Vaping

Nicotine salt vape juice and vape pods are extremely popular with adult vapers. It is a style of vaping that delivers satisfying performance from compact vape pens with minimal vapor but a ton of flavor. More importantly, most nic salt vapes are extremely easy to use. The potency of nic salts promotes easy to use, discrete and flavorful vapes. Ideal for adults on the go. 


There are two major styles of refillable vape pod kits. The first has an integrated coil and pod combination. When the coil is worn out, the entire pod is replaced. Replacement pods are sold in multiples of 2 to 5 in most cases.

The integrated coil design is used by Smok Novos and is what we will be reviewing today. There are also vape pods with swappable coils, such as the Smok Nord, Smok RPM series, Voopoo Vinci and myriad other devices. Sometimes referred to as Pod Mods, some of these can be quite powerful and will be covered in a future blog.  


Prefilled Vape Pods

Nic salts first gained attention in the form of prefilled vape pod kits sold at gas stations and convenience stores. Devices like the Vuse Alto, MyBlu and Juul were incredibly easy to use. Unfortunately, they are also a very expensive way to vape and no longer available in the wide range of flavors that adult vapers prefer.


Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have partially supplanted prefilled vape pods because they are better price performers, still available in a range of popular flavors and even easier to use. There are now longer lasting disposable vapes that can be recharged. But the most efficient, cost effective, flexible and environmentally friendly way to vape nic salts has always been using a refillable device.


Refillable Vape Pod Kits

 VAPE MODS AND Vape pods

Smok was one of the first companies on the market with refillable vape pod kits to compete with the prefilled pod systems such as Juul. The first generation Smok Novo was an easy to use, draw activated device that offered very similar performance, size, and user experience. It had a taut draw that was perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. There were no buttons to push or coils to swap. Instead, when the refillable pod reached the end of its service life it could simply be thrown away.

There are still small, draw activated vape pods on the market today, including greatly improved versions of the original Smok Novo design. But it turned out that vape pods could be so much more than just nic salt pens. The Smok RPM 40 (RPM standing for Real Pod Mod) had swappable coils, a larger battery, adjustable wattage and 40 watts of output. The popular Smok Nord was not much bigger than a Novo but had a fire button and coils for high-VG vape juices and nic salts.

The envelope is continuing to be pushed and today you can purchase a pod that approaches the performance of a top tier vape mod. Some even have swappable 18650 batteries! At this point, the main distinguishing trait is that vape mods use 510 threading which is compatible across brands where vape pods can only use proprietary pods designed for their specific model and make.


Best Smok Vape Pods 

There are two distinct styles of vaping in 2022. There are fans of lower nicotine, high-VG vape juices that generate a lot of vapor. Then there are mouth-to-lung vapes which use more potent vape juices and emphasize flavor. Smok makes excellent vape pods for both and we will revisit  the best Smok vape pods for high-VG juices, freebase nicotine and direct to lung (DL) vaping. This article will focus on the best Smok Vape Pods for Nic Salts.


Best Smok Pods for Nic Salts

Nic salts generally range from 20 to 50mg in nicotine strength. The typical VG/PG ratio is 50/50. Vaping nic salts is the best disposable vape and prefilled vape alternative. It does not take much wattage to enjoy a satisfying experience with nic salts and most adult vapers prefer draw activation to button firing with their nic salts. In other words, a pared down device no larger than a vape pen that delivers a ton of great flavor reliably and without leaks. Smok has several models that fit this bill. Not surprisingly, the Smok Novo family remains the go-to. They were designed out of the box for nic salts and the improvements made over several generations of technological advances have greatly improved their performance and user interface.


Smok Novo 3

The Smok Novo 3 is almost indistinguishable from the Smok Novo 2 and the products have cross compatibility. The Smok Novo 3 has improved airflow and the charge port is at the bottom, unlike the very similar Novo 1. The wattage output ranges from 6 to 25 watts. The 800mAh battery is designed to make it through more than a day of vaping, which considering its power output is quite achievable.


Smok Novo 3 Replacement Pods

Smok Novo 3  Vape Pods

The Smok Novo 3 is in many ways the perfected form of the original prefilled vape pod kit. There were several variations and resistances available initially but the 0.8ohm Mesh Pod has proven to be by far the most popular. Compatibility is key with the first three generations of Novo Pods. There is cross compatibility, there is no reason you cannot use an old Smok Novo 1 pod in your Novo 3, although the performance of the pod has been improved tremendously over the years. As the devices are similar, Smok Novo 3 replacement pods are perfect for your Smok Novo 2 as well. 

The 0.8ohm resistance and 800mAh battery make this pod capable of handling high-VG juices, all this is by no means what it was designed for. It is perfect for lower strength nic salts and has great vapor production, reliability and flavor. The side fill port is easy to use and the pod affixes in place with a magnet. The 2ml capacity is sufficient for at least a day of nic salt vaping.

Sold in 3-packs, the Smok Novo 3 Pods are also a great price performer. Each pod is generally good for making it through at least half of a 30ml bottle of nic salts, although flavor and vapor are at their peak earlier in the service life.


Smok Novo X

Unlike the Smok Novo, Smok Novo 2 and Smok Novo 3, the Smok Novo X is not cross compatible. It also has adjustable wattage and a small menu. It is also powered by an 800mAh battery. The pod design on the Novo X is slightly larger and the coils a bit more intricate as well, although the range of resistances and wattages are quite similar. In terms of performance, it comes down to personal preference. The Novo X can kick out a bit more dense vapor when ramped up to 25 watts. This makes it a better option if you are vaping freebase ejuice out of your vape pod.


Smok Novo X Replacement Pods

Smok Novo X Replacement Pods are sold in 3-packs. There is a DC MTL pod coil combo which has a resistance of 0.8ohms and a mesh coil pod which has the same resistance. The capacity is 2ml. The advantage of the meshed pod is that it can ramp up faster and generate good vapor at a lower wattage. The DC MTL has a tighter draw, stronger flavors and can operate efficiently at higher wattages.


Smok Novo 

The original Smok Novo is out of production, long since superseded by its more powerful yet not much larger successors. Yet the core of this vape pod kit is still available in the form of Smok Novo Pods. These pared down, pods with integrated coils remain very popular with nic salt vapers.


Smok Novo Replacement Pods

The 2ml Smok Novo Pod comes in two resistances, both ideal for nic salts. The wicking may look somewhat primitive compared to the mesh coils and dual coils of later designs, but it wicks er fast and delivers tremendous flavor. It may not have quiet the long life of its later cousins but is compatible across the Smok Novo, Smok Novo 2 and Smok Novo 3 lines.



Vape Pod Alternatives

The Smok Novo was an early arrival on the vape pod scene but it has some very formidable rivals. The Suorin Air was an early challenger, the mighty UWell Caliburn won rave reviews and later the Vaporesso XROS series incorporated improved on many of the innovations found in the Caliburn.


Vaporesso XROS Mini

While the Vaporesso XROS clearly sets its sights on the UWell Caliburn, the Vaporesso XROS Mini is an impressive Smok Novo alternative. An autodraw device, it has a 1000mAh battery and compact size. The pod is designed so you can check the vape juice levels more easily without removing the pod. Which style of filling you prefer will come down to personal preference. The Vaporesso XROS Mini does not have the dual action of its larger sibling. It does have an indicator light and it a bit more slender than the rounded Smok Novos.


Vaporesso XROS Mini Replacement Pods

Vaporesso XROS Replacement Pods

Vaporesso XROS Replacement Pods have two resistance options. There is a 1.2ohm coil integrated into the a 2ml pod. It is perfect for potent nic salts and MTL vaping. The 0.8ohm coil version takes advantage of the full 16watt output of the Vaporesso XROS Mini. The clam shell fill port is very to use and is hidden beneath the mouthpiece. The long lasting coils provide plenty of puffs and performance, making the XROS a great alternative to rival vape pods, disposable vapes and prefilled vape pods.

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