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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Sadboy Nic Salts

Sadboy E-Liquids

Based in Philadelphia, PA, do not be deceived by the forlorn name. Sadboy E-Liquids formulates some of the best vape juices on the market and their master formulators have developed a line-up of sophisticated flavors.

Sadboy's stacked collection of nic salts, tobacco free nic salts and regular eJuices has a perfect flavor for every adult vaper. With plenty of creativity and a flair for making balanced flavor profiles, the bold tones of Sadboy vape juices can turn that frown upside down.


Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts

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Sadboy Salts are available as tobacco free vape juices. This means that they use synthetic rather than tobacco derived nicotine. There are several advantages to this choice. The first is ethical. The use of nicotine sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Next Gen Labs, whose TFN product has proven affordable and versatile, allows vape juice companies to cut the cord from Big Tobacco entirely. Previously, nicotine was tobacco derived.

A second advantage is that non-tobacco nicotine is that it has a more neutral flavor than tobacco derived nicotine. This allows flavor profiles to shine with all their complexity and balance. No small deal when dealing with excellent nic salt flavors from Sadboy.


Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Collections

Sadboy Salts come in a range of unique flavors and are organized into lines. These flavor themes may have cryptic names at times, but the flavors are spot-on. Sadboy Salts are sold in 30ml bottles.

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The available nicotine strengths are 24 and 48mg. There is no better way to save money versus a prefilled vape and enjoy unmatched vaping flavor than switching to a refillable vape pod kit and loading it up with Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts.



Sadboy Salts Cookie Line

The Sadboy Salts Cookie Line features unique dessert flavors which are a refreshing change of pace from the typical fruit and mint fused nic salt flavor. Sadboy has changed their naming convention and several of the cookie line staples have been moved to the Jam line.


Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Shamrock

Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Shamrock Cookie combines the flavor of a crisp butter cookie and the smooth, chilly notes of a minty milk shake. The cool and frosty cream flavors are totally synced up with the warm baked cookie flavors. A unique take on the popular sweet mint flavor.


Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Lemon Cookie

Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Lemon Cookie was previously found in the jam line because of the outrageously delicious lemon preserve flavor. The lemon jam has bursts of sour which augment a sugary base. The flakey and butter cookie notes help tie it all together. A great choice and a worthy competitor to a certain flavor made by Dinner Lady.


Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Key Lime

Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Keylime has authentic key lime inspired flavors laden with sweet and tart flavors. Like a keylime pie, there are also crumbly crust notes and a smooth buttery flavor. An outstanding dessert vape, this combination works as well as a vape juice as it does as a pie.


Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Butter

Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Butter Cookie takes the pared down flavor of a butter cookie and makes it into an ideal flavor for MTL vaping. This flavor works because every tone and note you expect is present. An outstanding example of how intricate nic salt flavors can be, even when the inspiration is a seemingly basic cookie.


Sadboy Salts Cookie Line Unicorn Tears

The same butter cookie base used to such great effect in other Sadboy nic salts has been repurposed to form the foundation of the legendary Sadboy Salts Unicorn Tears. Sweet and savory flavors complement each other, with hints of a citrus kick cutting through the sweetness of fruit notes. It is exceedingly unlikely that this blissful flavor made a unicorn weep.



Sadboy Salts Jam Line 

The jam in Sadboy Salts Jam Line does not refer to musical riffs or basic preserves. These are pure dessert flavors and loaded with incredibly balanced flavors that taste remarkably authentic.


Sadboy Salts Jam Line Custard

Sadboy Salts Jam Line Custard features a pillowy and sweet custard flavor. Laden with vanilla notes, this is the creme brûlée flavor alternative you have been waiting for. There are caramel notes which add extra depth to this one of a kind dessert vape. 


Sadboy Salts Jam Line Blue Berry Jam

Sadboy Salts Jam Line Blue Berry Jam reminds vapers how authentic fruit inspired nic salts are some of the best ever formulated. The sweetness of blue berry is evident in the blueberry preserves flavor. The jammy flavors also have a bit of tartness. 


Sadboy Salts Jam Line Strawberry Jam

Sadboy Salts Jam Line Strawberry Jam is another jam inspired nic salt. Strawberry is a perfect salt nic juice flavor on its own. It is even more flavorful when the sugar notes of strawberry jam are used to elevate the vaping experience. 



Sadboy Salts Fruit Line

The Sadboy Salts Fruit Line is a self-explanatory collection. As researchers and experts have known for years, the vast majority of adult vapers prefer fruit flavors to tobacco. And the longer an adult vapes, the more likely they are to ditch tobacco flavors for a fruit or beverage infused vape. Nic salt beverage and fruit vapes are particularly popular, especially when cooling menthol ice is added. The Sadboy Salts Fruit Line goes toe-to-toe with the flavor selections found in most disposable vapes and comes out on top.


Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Punch Berry

Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Punch Berry is a balanced nic salt flavor. The combination of mixed berries, tart lemons, delicious raspberries, and sour citrus is incredibly complex and delicious. This flavor makes a great disposable vape alternative.


Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Punch Berry Ice

Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Punch Berry Ice takes the same combination of sweet and tart flavors found in Punch Berry and freezes the greatness in place with a blast of cooling menthol ice. This is exactly the style of flavor found in most disposable vapes but is even richer. Plus, you can save switching to a refillable vape.


Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Rainbow Blood

Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Rainbow Blood has an inscrutable and slightly dark name. Inside of this edgy packaging is a classic blend of tropical fruit flavors. Sweet, exotic, and tart flavors are perfectly matched in this amazing tropical vape. The name may seem unusual, but this flavor is a match for the myriad tropical fruit nic salts on the market.


Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Rainbow Blood Ice

Sadboy Salts Fruit Line Rainbow Blood Ice is a tropical fruit and menthol ice flavor fusion. Perhaps the most popular style of nic salt in history, Rainbow Blood Ice is a worthy entry in a crowded field. If you are looking to switch from a disposable vape to a refillable vape pod kit, this flavor is a great starting point. 



Sadboy Salts Nola Line

Formerly known as Nola Bar, the Nola Collection of breakfast inspired vapes meld delightful fruit flavors with the crunch notes of granola. With a sweet cream finish, these intricately balanced nic salts provide a smooth, all-day vaping experience.


Sadboy Salts Nola Line Blueberry

Sadboy Salts Nola Line Blueberry was formerly known as Nola Bar Berrynola, the flavors of blueberry, cream and granola have served as inspiration for this unforgettable nic salt. The added smooth cream and complex sweet granola notes are a reminder of how engaging vaping flavors can be.


Sadboy Salts Nola Line Strawberry

Sadboy Salts Nola Line Strawberry is the companion flavor to Nola Line Blueberry. Previously known as Nola Bar Strawnola, the bright and plumb strawberry flavors are fused seamlessly with a creamy finish. The unique notes of granola add additional balance. Whether it is dessert or breakfast, the flavors of this outstanding nic salt shine all day.



Sadboy Salts Happy End Line

The Sadboy Salts Happy End Line features sweet confection inspired flavors that are sure to turn your frown upside down. Never cloying and loaded with nostalgic flavors, the Happy End Line is sure to take adult vapers down memory lane. A treat to the palate, there are plenty of fruit notes to keep these salts from becoming too cloying.


Sadboy Salts Happy End Line Pink 

Sadboy Salts Happy End Line Pink features a popular spun sugar confection flavor. With notes of sweet red berry, this flavorful and aromatic nic salt will remind you of a carnival favorite.


Sadboy Salts Happy End Line Blue

Sadboy Salts Happy End Line Blue features flavor notes reminiscent of a spun sugar confection. This is the blue razz version, with refreshing blueberry and sweet notes. This nic salt is a bold competitor to popular blue razz disposable vapes.



Nic Salts versus Freebase E-Liquid

DL versus MTL Vaping

Why would a customer choose Sadboy Salts over Sadboy regular eJuice? There are huge differences between the two. These differences are linked to the two styles of vaping. Make sure you select the correct type of vape juice before ordering. 

Nic salts are more potent than standard vape juices that use freebase nicotine. They are designed for use in lower wattage devices and coils with a resistance of over 1.0ohms. This is called mouth-to-lung vaping. The emphasis is on flavor rather than vapor.

Potent nic salts should not be vaped at high-wattage and out of sub-ohm vape tanks at high-wattage. Powerful box mods and vape mods are meant to be used with lower-nicotine vape juices and are ideal for direct-to-lung or DL vaping. Freebase nicotine is great for lower nicotine vape juices but simply is too harsh over 18mg.

Nic salts on the other hand have a lower pH and are very smooth at high potencies. This means they work great in smaller and less powerful devices. Nic salts made prefilled vape pods and disposable vapes possible.  


Best Disposable Vape Alternatives

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The popularity of prefilled vape pods loaded with nic salts changed the face of vaping. They made it easy for a previously underpowered vape pod or vape pen to deliver satisfying performance with minimal wattage or vapor. The federal government banned vape pods from offering the flavors most popular with adult vapers but before this the popularity of disposable vapes was already increasing. Disposable vapes were a better price performer than gas station purchased prefilled pods and their edge increased when they could still be sold in the flavors adult vapers overwhelmingly prefer.


There are longer lasting disposable vapes on the market that hold 10ml of more of nic salts. They are rechargeable, which allows them to retain a compact size. Otherwise, a large battery would be required to work through the equivalent of a third or even half a bottle of nic salts.

As affordable as disposable vapes are, there is no cheaper way to vape than a refillable vape pod kit loaded with nic salts. The combination of a nic salt like Sad Boy Tobacco Free Salts and vape pod starter kit like the Vaporesso XROS Mini or Smok Novo 4 is the best disposable vape alternative and absolutely blows the doors off any prefilled pod sold in gas stations.

Nic salts are sold in affordable 30ml bottles, but a Juul pod holds a mere 0.7ml of vape juice (and is only available in tobacco flavors). It takes 43 Juul pods, or almost 11 boxes, to equal a single bottle.



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