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Best Coffee Vape Juice Flavors

July 15, 2022

Best Coffee Vape Juice Flavors

In the earliest days of vaping, before adult vapers showed such a strong preference for fruit flavors, tobacco and coffee vape juices ruled the market. There are still great coffee vape juices on the market today, proof that not everything need be fruit flavor infused with menthol. The richness of coffee vape juice flavor compliments additional creamy and sweet notes.

History of Coffee Vape Juices

Back when vaping was new, one of the earliest coffee inspired vape juices was RY4. It wasn't so much a flavor from lifted from the menu of a coffee shop as an example of the imaginative formulations of early vaping pioneers. Tobacco and coffee were the dominant flavor profiles in high-PG juices. You may remember these e-liquids, these were the fuel for a generation of eGo Twists and similar pen shaped e-cigs.

RY4 still fused tobacco notes with coffee and hints of caramel. This set the stage for today’s great coffee vapes as well as the improved tobacco flavor fusions.

Compared to the early tobacco vape juices, coffee vapes juices delighted the tastebuds with complex earthy flavors that really mimicked the flavors of fresh ground coffee beans.  Keep in mind that during this first era of vaping, throat hits still reigned supreme. Smooth nic salts did not exist, so any increase in nicotine strength also increased the harshness of the vaping experience.


High-VG Coffee Vape Juices

As it was not possible to increase nicotine strength beyond 24mg or 36mg strength without a high-level of throat hit, box mods appeared on the scene. With high wattage and sub-ohm coil performance, it was possible to get a satisfying experience from a lower nicotine strength. Vapor production has long been a feature of vape mods but their ability to maximize lower nicotine vape juices is certainly a bonus.

For fuel, vape mods and box mods used high-VG vape juices. Unlike the old e-cigs and high-PG vapes, vape mods and high-VG vape juices remain popular to this day. It is within this style of vaping that many of the best coffee vape juices are found.


Coffee Vape Juices

As a percent of the market, the popularity of coffee vape juices dropped when high-PG vape juices were replaced with the thick clouds of vape mods.

Nic salt juices are also dominated by fruit flavor combinations, especially when mixed with menthol. Yet this does mean there are no great coffee vape juices. Quite the contrary. The science of formulating vape juice flavors has improved. There are amazing coffee inspired nic salts and high-VG eJuices that are balanced enough to be vaped all day.

You may be surprised by the sheer variety of flavor profiles found in modern coffee vape juices. A decade ago, a coffee flavored ejuice might have buttery caramel or tobacco notes. Today you can find vape juices featuring notes of velvety hot steamed milk, latte vape juice flavors, cold brewed flavors, vape juices loaded with coffee, hazelnut and cream undertones, freshly steamed milk notes and even bold flavors which will remind vapers of freshly ground coffee beans.  

Best High-VG Coffee Vape Juices

As alluded to earlier, coffee flavored vape juices may have started as high-VG juices, but they have since expanded to cover every style of vaping. One of the best ways to enjoy coffee vape juice is in a high-VG vape juice in a vape mod. This style of vaping generates massive vapor clouds and smooth flavors.

High-VG juices work especially well when coffee tones are mixed with creamy flavors. The ability of vaping mixologists to mimic caramel macchiato notes, match the flavor of creamy fish of almond milk and formulate a balanced latte vape juice is amazing.  The flavor clarity of coffee vape juices is further enhanced by the use of synthetic nicotine. It has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine. 

Chilled Milk Caramel Coffee

Sold in 100ml bottles, Chilled Milk has a wide range of coffee vape juices and Caramel Coffee is among the most mellow and enjoyable. A true all-day vape, it has creamy and cooling milk notes which cut through the smooth coffee flavors. Add is a blast of creamy caramel and you have a nearly perfect coffee flavored vape juice.

Mega E-Liquids Coffee Donuts

Sold in a pair of 60ml bottles, doughy and sweet donut flavors are used to augment the fresh ground coffee flavors of this high-VG vape juice. A tobacco-free vape juice, the bold flavors will not tire out your taste buds.

Yogi Eliquid Java Yogi

Also sold in a pair of 60ml bottles, this is an extremely popular high-VG coffee vape juice for good reason. The unique addition of sweet and crunchy granola notes balances out the coffee flavor and makes this a very satisfying high-VG vape juice.

Barista Brew Smores Mocha Breeze

There is nothing quite as delicious as a good coffee vape juice augmented with additional delicious flavors. In this case, chocolate, and marshmallow smores notes add richness and sweetness to a bold coffee flavor. 

Best Coffee Nic Salt Vape Juice

As the first coffee vape juices were formulated for mouth-to-lung vaping, it is no surprise that these flavors have caught on again with fans of nic salts. Coffee vape juices are an especially viable alternative for fans of tobacco flavored vape juices, as the earthiness of these flavor profiles is quite compatible.

Nitro’s Cold Brewed Salted Blends Cookie Frappe

Nitro’s bold nic salt perfectly balances cookie and Frappuccino elements into a silken nic salt vape juice. There are creamy whipped cream notes blends perfectly with the customary nic salt smoothness. A sweet, iced mocha provides all the great coffee flavor that fans of this style of vape are looking for. The crucial component is the sweet cookie crumble, which adds tremendous depth to a great beverage vape.

Elyssian Salts Nilla Express

A balanced blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee flavors, this nic salt juice is available in three nicotine strengths: 12, 24 and 48mg. A 50/50 VG/PG blend, this is a coffee vape that delivers enough complexity to compete with the best dessert vapes and is an alternative to endless wave of fruit/menthol salt nics.


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