12 Remarkably Delicious Fall eJuice Flavors

Are you ready for Thanksgiving Day? How about some perfectly delectable fall flavors that will get you into the mood? We have everything from pumpkin and apple pie to apple butter biscuits. All of the flavors below come directly from our vaping staff here at eJuices.com. Most of them are all 5-Star reviewed and come highly recommended. We believe that this is a list that you cannot go wrong with. If you are up for trying a new flavor, we definitely have some different options for you below... and none of the brands will ever be on one of our lists because they have paid to do so. Our lists are completely based on what we like to vape and believe that you can benefit from our experience. Hope you enjoy the unique flavors we brought to our Thanksgiving table.


Bourbon Spice Roll

To start off this year's list, the P.O.E.T. Bourbon Spice Roll has everything you would want in a Thanksgiving dessert. You get a glazed roll with cinnamon spice, and a dash of everything nice, along with bite of bourbon with an oak flavor at the end. If you like alcohol with your dessert, this is definitely a flavor to try. Otherwise, we have a bunch of other eLiquid products to choose from.

Anvil Vapor


Anvil Vapor is known for it's unique flavors. Vulcan is no exception. It has a powerful mix of exotic spices blended to perfection in a pumpkin creme base with whipped topping. You definitely get the feel for pumpkin, and the sweet creme taste mixed with a touch of spices. We all know that pumpkin pie is the perfect end to any Thanksgiving dinner.


Spiced Doughnut

Imagine a vanilla doughnut with pumpkin spice and a little hint of almond and cinnamon spice. It's a doughnut... you can never go wrong there. It is also a perfect way to vape and enjoy the holiday season. Glas also makes several other very affordable products worth trying out.

Liquid EFX

Pumpkin Cookie

Nothing compliments the fall season like our Pumpkin Cookie Butter. Fresh pumpkin sprinkled with the spices of fall, irresistible cookie dough and decadent butter. You’ll want to lick the bottle! This is definitely a highly rated flavor here at eJuices.com! Try it out and you will see why.

The Pie Guys

Apple Crumble Pie

The Pie Guys are famous for one thing and that is: making great pie flavored vaping products. From the minute you crack open this e-liquid bottle the nose just gets blasted with an aroma of sweet sweet apples. You also get a mix with the flavor of brown sugar and cinnamon, and an overall taste of sweet apple syrup. The taste just brings back memories of that Thanksgiving Day ending the festivities with some warm apple pie. You won't be disappointed with this one!

Northern Lights

$100 Apple Pie

Northern Lights has come up with another great pie flavor in their $100 Apple Pie. It will remind you of a fresh baked, homemade apple pie with its warm, juicy cinnamon apples wrapped in a light, flaky pie crust. It’s not too sweet, just like Grandma makes. It also has 5-Stars and our staffers seem to love it! After you try it, you won't want to celebrate another holiday without it.


Dutch Apple

Imagine if you will, the perfect end to your Thanksgiving dinner... an apple pie filling glazed over a graham cracker pie crust. Sound good? That is exactly what Drizzle has come up with. Their Dutch Apple flavor eJuice as well as their Apple Butter flavor have been top sellers all year long on our website. If you are looking for a new fruit flavored eLiquid, this one is definitely worth trying. The price is pretty decent overall as well.

The Mad Alchemist

Snow White's Demise

The Mad Alchemist has made something really sinful with Snow White's Demise. It is a scrumptious Dutch apple pie flavored eJuice that gives you the sensation of sweet fruit, but the crusty apple pie taste as well. This flavor is vaped by several of our staff members and it also has a strong 5-star rating. You are going to love this eLiquid!

Northern Lights

$100 Punkin Pie

Northern Lights has come up with their delicious version of Punkin (pumpkin) Pie, called $100 Punkin Pie. These Alaskan vapers have bottled warm gooey custard, a kiss of pumpkin and a whole lot of cool whipped cream. They call it Punkin Pie. You’ll call it amazing! Again, another product with a 5-star rating and the taste will definitely show you why. It is the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving Day.

American Vape Society


Here is a different take on Thanksgiving Day. How about some of your grandma's famous flakey biscuits topped with her homemade apple butter? The American Vape Society has come up with a unique take on apple butter and biscuits. Our staffers say that the taste of biscuits is definitely strong and very unique in this eJuice. It also has a 5-star rating!

Phat Panda

Frutti Cake

Phat Panda's Frutti Cake delivers on the taste of a sweet sugar cookie topped with strawberry jam. You get a total hit of fruit on the inhale and a strong sense of cookie on the exhale. Our staffers highly recommend giving this unique flavor a try. It is on the lower end in terms of cost, yet packs the great taste that you are looking for with strawberry flavors.

Phat Panda


Last but not least on our list of Thanksgiving flavors is another great flavor from Phat Panda called Pumpkikn. It has a great pumpkin spice blend with a caramel cream exhale. It also has a 5-star rating and our staffers say that this is a great buy for anyone wanting to give a new flavor a shot without breaking the bank. Definitely inexpensive and worth a try.

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